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Best Wireless Airpods (Earpods) Pro Price in Pakistan

Airpods If you are looking for true wireless airpods,  airpods pro are the best air pods in Pakistan. Those days have gone when we needed long cables for headphones, it’s the time of wireless headphones. You can enjoy audio and video songs without any hindrance. Here we will talk about some original wireless ear pods […]

Gaming Mouse

Gaming mice are specially designed for gamers with adaptable sensitivity. They can have higher and lower DPI. Mostly, a higher DPI mouse is used for video gaming such as which involves guns and weapons that make quick motions of the cursor on the screen. There are different gaming mouse wireless brands in Pakistan. People can […]

Branded Smart Watches at best price in Pakistan, smartwatch|

Best Smart Watch Brands Price In Pakistan

Smart Watches Starting with the visibility of smart watches, So, What is smart watch? You can say it’s a wearable computer or smartphone-like device in terms of its function. These are used for basic purposes like calculations, game playing, translations, and digital time displaying. Their functions are not limited to this only, these can also […]

Best LED Ring Lights With Rotatable Tripod Stand

Today we all are seeing high-quality pictures and videos on social media. The quality of photos is now increasing day by day. Did you notice how it’s happening? There is a well-developed lightning tool behind it that makes it possible. People are getting a uniform light from a device that is a build-up of multiple […]

Infinix Airpods price in Pakistan

Now a days, people want to buy high standard accessories for their mobile phones but within their price ranges. Wireless earphones are becoming more popular day by day because it does not create any hindrance while listening music, watching some videos and playing games on mobile phones. We are dealing with branded earphone products such […]

Smart Watch

Smart Watch Rhizmall is offering a big category of smartwatches. It includes ladies’ smartwatch, android smartwatch, and fitness watches. These smart mobile watches are now used almost everywhere due to their great benefits in almost every field of work. In this article, we are going to provide some descriptions of our different branded watches. We […]

Samsung Buds Pro price in Pakistan

Samsung Buds Pro price in Pakistan

Samsung air buds pro price in Pakistan In this article, we are going to discuss our Samsung earbuds. Samsung comes on the list of the World’s largest producers of electronic devices. It is creating first-class products and services for a better global society. Samsung always follows an uncomplicated business philosophy. These are the largest manufacturers […]

Realme Airpods

Realme Airpods Price in Pakistan

Realme is a technology brand. Realme desires are to provide products with a comprehensive higher-level experience for the young, and Realme is committed to being a modern technology brand. As the world’s flourishing smartphone brand, Realme Airpods stands firmly among the dominant smartphone brands. We are providing Realme earbuds, Realme watches, and a power bank. […]

Jbl Airpods Price In Pakistan

Jbl Airpods Price In Pakistan

Nowadays, the trend of wireless mobile accessories is increasing which includes all Airpods, earbuds and, other such wireless headphones because of their lightweight, decent battery life, easy charging and, portability. Airpods have become fashionable now and became a top-shelf accessory. One big advantage of using Airpods is that it provides a stable and faster connection […]

Redmi Airdots

Redmi Airdots

We are dealing with many Mi branded products. There are up to 30 items shown on our website in branded collection category. All Mi earbuds prices vary in Pakistan. Sometimes we offer sale prices on them and you can buy these for less than their original price. Xiaomi Corporation is a manufacturer of consumer electronics, […]

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