Samsung Buds Pro price in Pakistan

Samsung Buds Pro price in Pakistan

Samsung air buds pro price in Pakistan

In this article, we are going to discuss our Samsung earbuds. Samsung comes on the list of the World’s largest producers of electronic devices. It is creating first-class products and services for a better global society. Samsung always follows an uncomplicated business philosophy. These are the largest manufacturers of semiconductors, digital media devices, integrated systems, appliances, and memory chips.

We are dealing with the best quality Samsung Airpods/earbuds. You can find these products in our branded collection category. Samsung galaxy buds 2 and Samsung galaxy buds pro are the best and latest Samsung air buds in 2022 but in terms of a comfortable fit, Samsung galaxy buds live is the best option.

Samsung Buds Pro

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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2_ Samsung’s latest pair of truly wireless earbuds 

They have active noise cancellation and sound tuned by AKJ. It feels like Samsung comes out with new earbuds pretty much every six months. First, we had the buds live, then the buds pro and finally we have the buds 2 which sit right in the middle of these two earbuds in terms of their price. This Samsung air bud price in Pakistan is up to 15000 Rs but it’s less than the galaxy buds pro. The buds 2 do feel like a lighter, more flexible version of those earbuds and they come in four different colors. A white and a black are your standard color options and then to mix things up a little bit you get a green or a lavender version.

In the box; you get 

  • Pair of buds
  • Wireless charging case
  • A USB cable
  • Three-sized interchangeable tips.

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  • Weight _ 5 grams/0.17 ounces
  • Bluetooth version _ 5.2
  • IPX2 water-resistant
  • The Case supports wireless charging
  • Cosmetic buttons aside the buds 2 are actually smaller and lighter than the buds pro and they’re very comfortable to wear and fit snugly without feeling too tight. You might be a little bit disappointed because these buds do not come with wingtips.

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Now with the release of the Galaxy s21 line, Samsung also introduced an update to their truly wireless earbuds which is Galaxy buds pro. Despite having quite a few options in the lineup by now ranging from long battery life to interesting bean design. Samsung decided that they would put all of that together to create their version of pro earbuds. Samsung air buds pro price in Pakistan is a little bit higher than Buds 2. The terminology of pro might make you think that Samsung’s track record of making small earbuds is shifting. Instead, Samsung managed to make earbuds that are basically the same size as previous galaxy buds live. The overall footprint of the galaxy buds pro is pleasantly small making for a package that can be thrown easily in any pocket or bag. The case still has some smarts installed with the USB C port providing conventional charging but you can also do wireless charging with this case. Samsung comes back to an in-ear driver that creates a seal in one’s ears for better-isolated sound, the result inevitably is a better bass response for a bit more bump than before. That’s not to say that Samsung has completely moved away from the lessons that were learned from the galaxy buds live, the buds pro still has that small vent that allows for just a little bit of air to filter through so that you don’t have a total and potentially uncomfortable seal and that little vent actually adds to the earbuds ambient sound feature. The buds pro have touch-sensitive areas on both earbuds that can be customized in the app but basically provide the typical tap and hold controls, single double and triple taps on either earbud give you playlist control while holding down either earbud can control the volumeactivate voice assistance or change up the sound modes. If you want to turn on the pairing mode to get the buds pro connected to a new device, both earbuds have to be in and then pressed until that mode is activated.

Features  Samsung galaxy buds 2 Samsung galaxy buds pro 
Chip Not stated Broadcom BCM43015
Battery life 5 hours with ANC on

7.5 hours with ANC off

20 hours with charging case (when ANC on)

29 hours with charging case (when ANC off)

5 hours with ANC on

8 hours with ANC off

18 hours with charging case (when ANC on)

28 hours with charging case (when ANC off)

Water Resistance IPX2 IPX7
Case weight Not stated 1.6 ounces
Wireless charging case Yes Yes

Some special Features of Galaxy buds 2 and Galaxy buds pro 

Galaxy buds 2

  • Galaxy watch 4 support
  • Wireless power share support
  • Adaptable transparency mode
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Gaming mode

Galaxy Buds pro

  • Spatial audio
  • Gaming mode
  • Voice Detect
  • Active noise cancellation
  • SmartThings find compatibility
  • Transparency mode
  • Wireless power share

Here we have discussed the best Samsung Airpods. Although Samsung air bud price in Pakistan varies but if you are in search of some affordable Samsung earbuds then you can move towards Samsung buds live and Samsung buds plus which are also mentioned on our website with their unique features.

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Rhizmall Store Offers You Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Original Earbuds Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 at best price in Pakistan, Buy Now.!

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