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What is Smart Watch? 

It is an easily portable and wearable device that is similar to smartphone and offers a range of benefits. The latest models of smartwatches are offering many health benefits, touchscreen features, and beneficial apps. For outdoor activities, some specially designed watches supplement its features.

How to Operate a Smart Watch and How it Works?

A smartwatch works with its own developed operating system. You will need a smartphone to connect it with your watch via Bluetooth and by installing the app that comes with the smartwatch i.e; an Android watch or an Apple Watch. There are some watches that works on their own without a mobile phone such as Apple’s watch series 3, series4, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Why a smartwatch is Important? 

As your smartphone offers many features but there are some advantages provided by smartwatches that your mobile phone can’t provide such as many health-related advantages including fitness tracking, sleep tracking, calories count, physical activity, and heart rate monitoring.

Top 10 Reasons Why you need a Smart Watch? 

1. Saves Battery Life

The high-resolution and big screens of mobile phones drain more battery quickly and take more time to on while a smartwatch takes minimum time to on and also saves battery.

2. Smart Watch- The best Fitness Tracker

You can stay fit by daily monitoring your fitness activities with a smartwatch. Fitness trackers are already installed in some watches that keep you updated about your calorie intake, calories burnt, daily step counts, pulse rate checking, and heart rate monitoring.

3. Best Partner for health-conscious people

Daily heart rate checking, sleep monitoring, and dietary evaluation can help you remain healthy. A smartwatch continuously provides notifications about heart rate and tells you whether you need to do more exercise or not to remain fit and alerts you to stay with your fitness goals by providing notifications about excess calorie consumption. It is a very good partner for health-conscious people. A person can check his quality and amount of sleep in the logs due to the recording feature of a smartwatch.

4. Quick & Timely Notifications 

If you are busy with some work, sitting in a crowded environment, or reading a newspaper, it will be hard for you to turn on your mobile phone and read upcoming notifications. A smartwatch can resolve this issue as it provides quick and timely notifications and you will do just a glance at it and ultimately get updated about the latest information on your wrist.

5- Navigation System

There are two types of smartwatches, one with Built-in GPS and one with Connected GPS. Connected GPS means, it can’t work without a smartphone or you need a mobile to connect it with the watch. Built-in GPS watches can work on their own and you can take them out for running or jogging.

6. Text Messages & Receive Calls

As the smartwatch operated after connecting with your mobile phone, you will get all the notifications as well as can make and receive calls on it. Smartwatches also offer the advantage of text messages to your friends or family.

7. Play Music directly or Indirectly 

You can play the music directly on a smartwatch without connecting it to a mobile phone. This feature is offered by some latest models while most watches offer the indirect music playing feature while connecting it to the mobile phone and selecting the music from pone’s music list.

8. Enhance your appearance

Smartwatch is the latest fashionable accessory over traditional jewelry which enhances your personality and provides a touch of your class.

9. Customize the watch faces according to your mood 

Digital/ Smartwatch offers a lot of different faces which you can modify according to your mood at any time. For example, if you are in the office or any working environment, you can put a professional watch face and on weekends or free time, you can customize it for some entertainment face, so it is fun to play with your watch face.

10. Adopt Social manners

It can be rude to check your mobile phone frequently in a social place. A glance at your wristwatch is an easier and quicker way to get notified while remaining within social etiquette.

Uses of a Smartwatch 

A smartwatch can be used for many purposes. It has a lot of applications in different fields such as;

  • Use for Fishing | Smart Watch for Men

A smartwatch can monitor the tide times, can do easy navigation, and can increase the sunlight legibility hence, it can be very helpful for a fisherman. Smartwatch can use for fishing, mostly highly durable and water-resistant watches are preferred for this purpose. There are lots of smart watch for men which can be use for fishing are available online at Rhizmall like smart watches for men samsung. You can choose samsung android smart watches for fishing purpose.

  • Use for Cycling

The built-in GPS in smartwatches is helpful for a cyclist and it can efficiently track the distance, time, speed, and climb of a cyclist.

  • Use for Gym | Smart Watch for Women

At the gym, you need to monitor your exercise time, repetitions, and weight. These things can be made easy by using a smartwatch and everything can be done on your wrist. Women can also use android samsung smart watch for their daily routines. There are different smart watch for women available online at Rhizmall, like W17 Microwear Series 7 IWO Smartwatch which they can use in gym.

  • Use for Hiking | Smart Watches for Boys

For hiking, you can wear a smartwatch that will count your steps, and monitor floor climbing, stress, and sleep. The use of the smartwatch is not limited to this, it can be used for all activity purposes such as swimming, running, jogging, walking, climbing, biking, etc. Rhizmall offering smart watches for boys like T55 Plus Smart Watch which they can use for hiking and daily routines.

  • Use for Job

The big advantage of a smartwatch on your wrist while working is that it can increase the effectiveness and speed of work. You can make quick communications and can instantly text messages and receive calls.

  • Use for Athletes 

A smartwatch helps an athlete monitor their exercise level, hydration status, and distance covered by sending notifications, and its alarm system alarms you if you need to do more exercise or not.

  • Use for Kids | Smart Watch for Kids

The safety of the kids is very important for parents. A smartwatch on the wrist of kids will keep them connected with their parents by sending text messages, receiving calls, and by tracking. Smart Watch for kids is Mi Band 5 (Global).

  • Use for Health 

Fitness tracker watches are very best partners for health-conscious people. It helps in tracking your daily calorie intake, calories burnt, heart rate monitoring, pulse rate checking, sleep duration, and quality monitoring.

Functions of a Smart Watch – Best Smart Watch for Men, Women, Boys, Girls and Kids

  • You can set the alarm
  • Play music after connecting it with your mobile phone or you can directly download videos, music, and photos on watch.
  • You can receive calls and text messages on the smartwatch and by Bluetooth connection with the mobile phone, you can also transfer data from the mobile to the watch.
  • Health tracking is the most unique feature of a smartwatch that helps you to remain fit for a lifetime.
  • The best tracker for active people such as swimmers, runners, hikers, etc.
  • Android Smart Watch are best for Men
  • Bluetooth Smart Watch for Women are best
  • Android Smart Watch for boys are in trending
  • Most of the college, university students using android smart watch for their daily needs
  • Parents are choosing smart watches for kids
  • Rhizmall offering different smart watch models

Disadvantages of Smartwatch

1. Small Screen Sizes

Sometimes, a person gets frustrated by continuously using apps or focusing on the small screen of a smartwatch and it is not beneficial to watch videos or movies on watch.

2. Hindrance in work 

As the smartwatch keeps you continuously notify by providing different notifications from Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and other Apps, it creates a hindrance in your work and distracts you from your attention.

3. Not a necessity 

Although, Smartwatch offers many benefits it is not our necessity. An android phone is also enough for your work. It depends on personal choices whether someone wants to buy a smartwatch with its android phone also or not.

4. Incorrect Information

Smartwatches provide information about heart rate, calorie count, sleep count, and pulse rate but this data is not 100% accurate. Some watches keep calculating your step counts even if you are brushing your teeth or you are in an inactive state.

5. Price Issue

Although prices of smartwatches vary, mostly the watches with the latest features are costly and not everyone can afford them.

6. Harmful effects on Health

Continuous use of a smartwatch can cause harm to your health as it emits some harmful radiation that can cause mutations in genes and can ultimately become the cause of cancer in person as well as it affects our mental status that leads to anxiety, depression, and negative thoughts.


As we have discussed all of a smartwatch, we can conclude it by saying that the advantages of smartwatches are more in number than its disadvantages but as we all know that excess of everything is bad so you should consider both the benefits and drawbacks of the smartwatch while buying it.

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