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What is Ringlight

Ringlight a small rounded photographic tool that provides uniform light and fits perfectly around your camera’s point of view. It can contain a single fluorescent bulb or may have several interconnected small LED lights. The purpose of a Ringlight is to provide the user consistent light source so that they can capture their images professionally.

What are the Components of Ringlight

Ringlight packages come with 5 basic components;

Difference between Ringlight & LED light 

The big difference between these two occurs in their shape. Ring lights are usually circular and are hollow from the center while LED lights are square and rectangular. The intensity of the LED lights depends upon the number of lights it contains so the more numbers of light is, the more intense it will while the intensity of the ring light doesn’t depend on the number of LEDs it contains, it depends on its size. The bigger the ring light, the more powerful it will.

Do Ring lights make a difference

Ring lights can differ from one another based on their size, shape, and power capacity.

  • Size

    Usually ring lights are available in markets from 8inches to 20inches. 10 inches ring lights are considered “Selfie lights” while the bigger size ring lights can illuminate a larger surface.

  • Shape

    Heart shape ring light, Square, and circular

  • Power

    Ring lights can get power from direct electricity and batteries. Usually, ring lights consume 5 to 10 Watts of power and the ring lights with power adapters may consume up to 75 Watts.

How to fix a Ringlight

When you will receive your ring light, you will have a square box containing a ring light body as well as another smaller box inside which contains the power adapter, cord instruction manual, fixing screws, a flexible arm, and a tripod stand if you are bought the ring light with stand.

1- First locate the screw holes at the bottom of the ring light and match them with the holes on the flexible arm.

2- Using the screws provided, attach the flexible arm with the ring light

3- Once attached, your ring light is now able to be mounted to a light stand.

4- You can attach the light by loosening the knob at the end of the flexible arm and then placing it on top of the stand and tightening it.

Some Creative uses of Ringlight 

1. Use it for Studio Vlogging

This is a set-up that you see on most make-up and beauty channels on YouTube which simply uses a ring light. You can also use some extra lights to create a nicer-looking studio environment from the backside also which allows the viewer to see more than only your face.

2. Highlight your Product

You can use the ring light as a backlight in combination with smoke to create a very nice mysterious mood which is useful when you want to introduce a product in a mysterious way when you are doing product reviews. And if you want to introduce a person in a music video, use a ring light as a backlight to further highlight the contrast with a smoke. You can use a dedicated smoke machine or a vaporizer to create smoke.

3. Use it as Top light

Ringlight can be used as a top light for product reviews. For this purpose, you simply put your camera inside the light but using it from the side is also possible because you will get the nice reflections and it will even lighten your scene.

4. Create Catch light Effects

The last creative use of this ring light is to create catch light effects in the subject’s eyes and sunglasses. This is an often-used effect in music videos. You can also adjust the size of the reflection by either going closer to the light to increase the effect or going further away to decrease the reflection.

Use of Ringlight in different Fields    

  • For TikTok, YouTube & Instagram Videos 

Usually, a 10 to 12-inches ring light is best for TikTok’s purpose that shooting the products and is good for close-ups. This sized ring light is ideal for fashion, filming, and dancing videos at TikTok. For YouTube and Instagram videos, the ring light is a great choice that creates an eye-catching effect and produces high-quality videos and photos. For Vlogging, selfies, YouTube videos, and Make-up tutorials, a 16 to 19-inches ring light is ideal.

  • Use it for Make-up tutorials

Ringlight cast a gentle and even light on the face when used for make-up videos. It hides all wrinkles and blemishes from the skin. It highlights all features very perfectly.

  • Generate different Colors

Usually, a ring light has 3 different color modes. But an RGB ring light offers a great variety of colors that creates an outstanding image at any time of the day.

  • Use it for Arts & Crafts 

For perfectly glowing your arts and crafts, the ring light should be angled at 30 degrees. To highlight the image, the angle can be modified to 25 degrees and for larger frames, it could be 35 degrees.

Few Things to Consider before choosing a Ringlight

Ringlight is an ideal lighting source for shooting videos and photos. It provides diffused lighting and makes it very flattering for filming something. It is a great option if you want professional videos and photos at a good cost. So, before buying a ring light, you want to consider a few things mentioned below;

  • The Intensity of the Light 

The higher the lumens, the stronger the light and more accurate color accuracy will be. This is very important if you are going to do a lot of things that involve colors.

  • Light Diameter 

If you want to get high-quality images then you will choose the diameter that will suit your requirement. You can select 12 inches, 14 inches, and 16 inches ring lights. For live streaming, you can choose a big-sized ring light such as an 18-inch or 22-inch. For makeup videos, 10-inch or 12-inch, and TikTok or Instagram purpose, 14-inch or 18-inch would be the best choice.

  • Whether you want a light with a Dimmer? 

Light with a dimmer allows you more control over the light source.

  • The temperature of the light 

Whether you want it to be more warmer or cooler. Some ring lights have color temperature dimmers and some ring lights come with snap filters that you can put on top of the ring light to make it appear warmer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What does a Ringlight do?

    A ring light produces an even light and avoids all distractions, harsh lines, and shadows.

  • What is a Ringlight called?

    Ringlight can also be called a circular light that produces even illumination and consist of different LED lights.

  • Do Ring lights hurt your eyes?

    It can produce eye strains and can cause headaches because of the blue lights emitted from them.

  • Which Ringlight is best?

    Neewer 20-inch LED Ringlight, Neewer 12-inch RGB Ringlight, Rotolight NEO 2, Ivisii 19-inch Ringlight are the best ringlights uptill now.

  • How long does a ring light last?

    Good quality and modern ring light can last up to 50,000 hours but some can even last up to 100,000 hours.

  • Is Ring lights only for selfies?

    No, the most professional photographers can also use them for portraits.

  • Can a ring light be used outside?

    Yes, ring light softens the brightness of daylight and in the evening when daylight falls short, it provides illumination.

  • Is Ringlight good for videos?

    Yes, it is the best option for v loggers. It can be used for Instagram videos, TikToks, and YouTube videos. For YouTube videos, you have to choose a high-quality ring light.

  • How much electricity does a ring light use?

    Ring lights may consume from 5W to 75W of power.

  • Are Ringlight and LED the same?

    These both are lightning tools but only differ in structure. You can say that both of these are the same.

  • Which color light is best for the eyes?

    Although, increased exposure to any light can cause harm to your eyes. You can choose yellow light instead of blue to protect the retinas of the eyes from damage.

  • Which size of Ringlight is good for YouTube purposes?

    Mostly, the YouTubers use 10-inch to 18-inch Ringlight. A 10-inch ring light is considered a Selfie light and 18-inch ring light can be used for a small to medium-sized room.

    Do you really need a Ringlight?

    Ringlight is not a necessary item for usual photography and video purpose. It is the need for most professional work.

Main Points:

  • What is Ringlight?
  • What are the components of Ringlight?
  • Difference between Ringlight & LED light
  • Do ring lights make a difference?
  • How to fix a Ringlight?
  • 4 Creative uses of Ringlight
  • Use of Ringlight in different fields
  • Few things to consider before choosing a Ringlight
  • Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

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