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What are Earbuds? 

Earbuds are little devices usually made up of plastic material that fits in your ear but not inside the ear canal and help you enjoy your music with surrounding noise cancellation. They come in one size only which can be uncomfortable for people if they will not fit their ear sizes.

How do the Earbuds work? 

Wireless earbuds work after connecting them with your mobile phones via Bluetooth. Bluetooth connection is very easier and data can be exchanged quickly within the range of short distances by using the Radio transmissions.

What are the True Wireless earbuds? 

True wireless earbuds are also called Bluetooth earbuds that do not have wire or any cord with them and they are connected to your mobile phones without any long wire (via Bluetooth). All control systems, mic, and battery are built up inside the earbuds themselves.

What do the Wireless Earbuds use for? 

The demand for wireless earbuds is increasing day by day because of the convenience they offer. There are no long wires attached to it and no need to attach some wire with your mobile phone to connect it with earbuds. Wireless earbuds have a great use for active people who continues to enjoy music while their activity such as Office workers, Runners, Gymers, Climbers, Swimmers, joggers, and sportsman.

Difference between Earbuds & Earphones 

The main difference between earbuds and earphones exists in their structure. Earphones come with soft, foamy, rubbery cushions that fit perfectly inside the ear canal while earbuds can’t fit comfortably inside the ear canal and they remain outside the canal and also comes in one size. Due to this reason, earbuds can be easily slipped off and are not very suitable to use while exercising.

Different Types of Earbuds 

There are four different types of earbuds;

  • True Wireless Earbuds

    Also called Bluetooth earbuds that do not have wires between them and do not with audio sources such as smartphones, MP3, and tablets. All control systems, mic, and battery are built into the earbuds.

  • Wireless Earbuds with a cable

    They are connected in some way.

  • Wired Earbuds

    Wired earbuds need plugs and jacks for transmission of sound from the audio source to the headphones. Their work is similar to that of miniature speakers.

  • Classic Earbuds

    Classic earbuds are designed in a way that remains outside the ear canal and does not cause irritation in the ear.

Advantages/ Disadvantages of Wireless earbuds 


1- Earbuds enable you to remain Hands free

This is the big advantage of wireless earbuds. Once you will connect the buds with your mobile phone, then there is no need to pick up your phone for attending a call and to change the music from your mobile phone because earbuds are embedded with all control systems in it.

2- High Sound Quality 

Most of the earbuds come with an active noise cancellation feature and some have high bass. So, the wireless earbuds don’t mean that they will not produce high-quality sound. The thing you need to search for before buying a pair of earbuds is their quality of sound.

3- Do your Chores easily

You can enjoy your music while doing home chores without holding your mobile phones with you all the time. If you are cooking in the kitchen and your phone is in the living room, you will continue to enjoy and can pick up the call also from the kitchen.

4- Enhance your personality 

Earbuds look very stylish than the long-wired handsfree. It increases your personality and represents your class as well as easily affordable except for some that have very unique features in it.

5- Enjoy TV programs 

Earbuds can’t only connect with your mobile phone. It can be paired with tablets, TV, Computer, MP3, and other similar devices. So, you can enjoy Tv shows, programs, Dramas, and films.


1- Small Size 

Earbuds are small in size and there are always chances that you may miss them anywhere. You may find it difficult to search when they got lost in working place and your home.

2- Daily Charging 

As earbuds embedded batteries in them, you need to charge them daily. Some earbuds have very long battery lives and can be easily used for up to one week if you are using them for only music.

3- Batteries Deterioration with time 

If you are using earbuds for a very long time, their batteries may get deteriorate with time and it is the indication that you need a new pair of earbuds now.

5 Important Features of Earbuds 

1- Battery life

Before buying earbuds, you should check the battery capacity of the buds and their charging case. Some earbuds offer 7-8 hours of battery and up to 15 hours with a charging case.

2- Comfortable fit 

Earbuds that come with different-sized ear tips will provide more comfort than the one-sized fit. You should choose the customizable option which will enhance your music experience and fit perfectly in your ears.

3- Active Noise cancellation 

The noise cancellation feature of the earbuds made them unique and they will remove all the surrounding sounds when you will listen to the music.

4- Controls

Earbuds that have touch controls and buttons on them offer great convenience and you can easily move towards the next track, can change the volume, can pick up the call, and play & pause the music.

5- Sound Quality 

Before buying the earbuds, you can estimate the audio quality by checking its specifications and driver’s size that are indicated in MM. If earbuds have large drivers, it means they will generate great bass and high-quality sound. You should check all specifications which will also include frequency. Frequency shows the maximum range of sound that a human ear can hear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

  • How to connect the earbuds with the phone? 

Earbuds can be easily connected with the android device by simply pressing the Bluetooth icon, searching for

available devices, and then pressing the name of the earphones to which you want to connect.

  • Why do the earbuds not perfectly stay in ears? 

Earbuds may fall off again and again because you wearing them wrong. Earbuds are designed in a way to fit the

right earbud in the right ear and the left earbud in the left ear.

  • Can earbuds damage your ears? 

Yes, it can damage the hearing capacity because of continuous loud sounds.

  • What are the best earbuds? 

Oneplus buds pro, Apple Airpods 3, Apple Airpods pro, and JABRA Elite Active 75t are the best earbuds.

  • How long should you wear the earbuds in a day? 

According to Dr. Foy, earbuds should be used for up to 60 minutes a day at a volume of up to 60%. But if the

volume will be high then listen to the music for 5 minutes a day.

  • Can earbuds be used with computers & laptops? 

Yes, if your computer has a Bluetooth setting then you can connect it in a similar way as with your android


  • Are wireless earbuds safe? 

Currently, there is no scientific evidence exists that shows the relationship of the use of earbuds with any illness.

  • Are earbuds worse for your ears than headphones? 

Yes, earbuds can cause more damage than headphones because they sit more closely inside the ear canals.

  • Are wired earbuds good? 

Yes, wired earbuds offer good sound quality as compared to wireless ones. You can choose wired ones if you’re

okay with wires and cables.

  • How long do wired earbuds last? 

Cheap quality earbuds last for up to 6 months and some expensive high-quality buds can last up to years.

  • Are wired earbuds safer than wireless? 

For long-term use, wired earbuds are safer.

  • What are the best-wired earphones? 

Realme Buds 2 Neo, Realme Buds 2, Sennheiser CX 180, and JBL C200SI are the best-wired earphones.

  • Can you replace earbuds with batteries? 

In some earbuds, it is possible to replace the battery but it is a difficult task.

  • Which earphone is best under 1000Rs?

JBL C200SI In-ear headphones, Audio Technica ATH-CKL200 Sennheiser CX 180 are best under 1000 Rs.

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  • What are earbuds?
  • How do the earbuds work?
  • What are the true wireless earbuds?
  • What do the wireless earbuds used for?
  • Difference between earbuds and earphones
  • Different types of earbuds
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of wireless earbuds
  • 5 important features of earbuds
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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