Lagging on device charging is such an off at the moment. But boom! It’s no more a setback with the best power bank in Pakistan. Get the amazing power bank price in Pakistan at Rhizmal.

Save yourself from the hassle of searching for a power outlet every time your device runs out of charging. Who got enough time to plug in and wait for the device to get charged? Handing on the best power bank is the present world solution. 

With a range of 7100 – 10000+ mAh, a power bank for mobile can charge devices several times. The device can even charge larger devices like tablets and flagship models. Generally, the 3100 mAh to 7000 mAh versions are ideal for midrange power banks, whereas the 1100 mAh to 3000 mAh versions are smaller and ideal for short-term charging.

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Power Bank Price in Pakistan

Power banks come with different power capacities, so prices vary from model to model. 

The 20000 mAh power bank price in Pakistan begins at Rs.1000, which differs in price from brand to brand. In contrast, the power bank 50000mAh, price in Pakistan starts from 1500 onwards.

However, whatever brand you choose, you must consider a few things to get your job done well.

Power Bank Capacity

Consider the higher milliamp-hours for the higher capacity of the power bank. Higher the mAh means your power bank can store a higher amount of energy. That is the reason, as mAH increases, the price of power banks also increases.

Weight and size

The weight and size matter a lot to help you carry it around easily with you. A power bank size must be portable enough to fit your pocket best, and take it in your backpack or handbag to ensure convenience. Let go of the heavy and bulky power banks; handling them will be another daunting task. 

Charging Type/Ampere

The market is flooded with enormous power banks holding different charging types. Not just the standard power banks, but also get the fastest charging power banks, solar power banks, and even the wireless power banks.

Based on your needs and budget, give yourself more bang for your buck with high-capacity power banks. 

So next time when you buy a power bank, pick the one that features the higher amperage. 

Input and output

Check the compatibility of your devices with the specific power bank before getting the one for you. Today it is rare to find an incompatible power bank as almost every model has the correct input and output for devices. 

Additional Features

Some power banks come with additional features such as charging indicating light, LCD to show the charging percentage status, and flashlight. But, if any power bank doesn’t feature these fancy, it lacks in any capacity.

These features make the whole scenario for you to either buy or decline the purchase of a specific power bank. 

Buy Power Bank Online at Rhizmall

Rhizmall provides a complete range of power banks from the house of market-leading brands. Shop what you need from the list of genuine products with just a few clicks.

Choose from the vast range of 10000 mAH to 20000 mAH power banks that are truly portable chargers for your devices. 

Just get a simple USB charging interface, and here you are up to get your device charged.

Best Power Banks to Purchase at

Get the faster power bank in Pakistan from the best power bank company!

  • Anker 20000mAH, Power Bank
  • Anker 10000mAH, Power Bank
  • Infinix 10000mAH, Power Bank
  • Redmi 10000mAH, Power Bank
  • Redmi 20000mAH, Power Bank
  • Samsung 20000mAH, Power Bank
  • Mi 20000mAH, Power Bank


Which power bank is best in Pakistan with the price?

Anker Power Core Select 10000mAh, Power Bank (A1223H11) is the perfect charging outlet with great power, premium quality, and an accurate price.

Which is better, 20000mAh, or 10000mAh?

Power banks with 10,000mAh battery capacity are standard, while those with 20000mAh, battery capacity are fast-charging models. The 10000mAh version is lighter and thinner, while the 20000mAh version is bulkier since its capacity is doubled.

Which is the best power bank, 20000mAh,?

Redmi 20000 mAh Powerbank with 2-ways fastest charging is the best power bank compatible with smartphones and tablets and a variety of digital cameras and handheld gaming devices.

What is the lifespan of a Power Bank?

If you correctly take care of it and store it in a cool, dry place, there is no reason your power bank won’t last for many years. If you are using it multiple times a day, there is a possibility of battery charging degrading, but this is as common as other devices’ batteries.

The power bank comes as a life savior, and Rhizmall is definitely a one-stop solution for all your power bank needs. Find quality and trusted products based on our customer reviews, best prices, and accurate features. Your Best Device deserves the Best!

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