Smart Watch

Smart Watch

Rhizmall is offering a big category of smartwatches. It includes ladies’ smartwatch, android smartwatch, and fitness watches. These smart mobile watches are now used almost everywhere due to their great benefits in almost every field of work. In this article, we are going to provide some descriptions of our different branded watches.

We are dealing with Pakistan’s top branded digital watches. In Huawei, we have almost 10 different android watches. It is the best watch brand in Pakistan. Huawei Watch 3 Pro is the latest watch among all. This is a premium smartwatch and its pricing fits it as well. Huawei Watch 3 Pro Price in Pakistan is up to 80,000 PKR. Its design is very similar to Huawei GT2 pro but it feels a little bit more premium and we have titanium casing all around it in silver color which looks pretty cool!

  1. Stay connected 24/7
  2. 5 days_ use in the typical scenario of smart mode
  3. All-day health monitoring _ Note your heart rate, blood oxygen, and more 24/7
  4. Compatible Apps _ Enjoy direct-to-device downloads and an easy approach.
  5. Sports tracking _ By 100+ sports modes.
  6. Online Music _ Rush directly from a huge music library or sync playlists from your Huawei phone.

Samsung smartwatches, Vivo smartwatch, Amazfit smartwatch, Apple smartwatch, and GTR watch comes in the list of top 10 smart watches in Pakistan. Apple Watch Series 6 is the cheap and best budget android watch with many features. You can find a smart watch under 1000 Rs also on our website. It includes mostly the fitness bands. Band watch prices in Pakistan are different. Some are round smartwatches for iPhone and android and some are square

 Apple Watch 6 series

 Apple Watch 6 series
Original Apple Watch 6 series Watch

As we have discussed Apple series 6 watch which is the best budget watch. Apple watch series 6 price in Pakistan is under 3000 PKR. At this price point, it has a lot of features as well;   

Apple series 6 watch
Apple series 6 watch
  • Meet your sleep goals
  • Measure your blood Oxygen
  • Track every way you workout
  • Check your heart rhythm with the ECG app
  • Stay motivated to move, exercise, and stand
  • Sync your favorite podcast, music, and audio books
  • Take calls and reply to texts from your wrist due to the GPS model
best Apple series 6 watch
Apple series 6 watch

Oneplus Watch

It is a big smartwatch and is available only in one size which is 46mm. It’s a very nice premium-looking watch, the circular watch case on the bigger side with its Stainless-steel finish looks really good. The watch comes with 22 mm straps made out of fluro elastomer which is a fancy term for silicon and has the same pin and tuck design that we’ve gotten with the Apple watch strap.

One plus Watch

Watch has the mic right at the bottom and the speakers on the left for your phone calls. On the right, you get the two buttons, the power button with Oneplus engraving and the customizable function button. The whole design is Ip68 and 580m water-resistant so you can take it for a swim without any problem. One of the good things about the Oneplus Watch is the display, it has 1.39-inch round amulet touchscreen and went with a round dial because nobody wants another smartwatch with an apple watch design. One side of smartwatch displays that is very important is the screen brightness and the Oneplus watch display does well on that.

Amazfit GTR Smartwatch (47mm)

  • 24-day Battery life
  • 50M water Resistant
  • AMOLED display (1.39”)
  • Built-in GPS
Amazfit GTR Smartwatch (47mm)
Amazfit GTR Smartwatch (47mm)

It is a very fine activity tracker with long battery life. As usual with Amazfit products, its box and packaging are very nice and we have the watch itself. On the back of the watch, you can see some sensors and the watch has Bio-tracker PPG, 6-axis accelerator, 3-axis Geomagnetic sensor, Air pressure sensor, capacity sensor, and an ambient light sensor. It also got GPS and GLONASS for accurate tracking. Around the screen is a ceramic bezel with a chamfered glossy edge. Overall, the watch looks very nice and well made.

Amazfit GTR Smartwatch
Amazfit GTR Smartwatch (47mm)

Mi Amazfit GTR 2 

 Amazfit GTR is a stylish sleek-looking smart watch built for everyday use. It’s a worth buying watch. For starters, it has a colorful 1.3-inch AMOLED display, it’s bright enough to see in the sunlight and it has a built-in ambient light sensor that can automatically adjust the brightness when you go outdoors so, it’s a colorful and visually appealing watch.

Mi Amazfit GTR 2 
Mi Amazfit GTR 2 

Overall, the user experience of the GTR 2 is pretty nice, it comes with a helpful set of easy-to-use features, if you swipe down you’ll access the control center where you can adjust the brightness, change the volume, put on the do not disturb mode and pretty much all the other basic smartwatch functions. And if you swipe up you’ll see the latest notifications from all your different messaging applications. 

Mi Amazfit GTR 2 watch
Mi Amazfit GTR 2 watch
  • Sleep, stress, and Activity tracking 
  • 3D Curved Bezel-less design 
  • High-definition Always-On AMOLED display 
  • Heart rate & Blood oxygen monitoring 
  • 90 Sports Modes 
  • Music Storage and Playback 
  • Bluetooth phone calls 
  • Estimated 14-days battery life
  • Offline Voice assistant

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