Infinix Airpods price in Pakistan

Now a days, people want to buy high standard accessories for their mobile phones but within their price ranges. Wireless earphones are becoming more popular day by day because it does not create any hindrance while listening music, watching some videos and playing games on mobile phones. We are dealing with branded earphone products such as Joyroom, Lenovo, Mpow, Infinix and many more at the best prices. All accessories have their own distinctive traits. We are offering quick shippings and easy replacement and returns so you can buy with more confidence. Here are the details of our Infinix products. Infinix airpods price in pakistan can check here

Infinix IRocker 2 

  • BT wireless technology 
  • Multifunctional buttons 
  • Secure fit 
  • Perfect for workouts
  • Auto Boot Pairing 
  • Weight _ 0.2 kg 
  • Google assistance/ Siri 
  • Bluetooth version _ 5.0
  • Battery power _ 7000 MWH
Infinix IRocker 2 
Infinix IRocker 2 

Infinix Irocker 2 are true wireless earbuds having ultra long life and very comfortable to wear which can be used for long time.  It is made up of very light weight polymer material. It has real wireless design, breaking the master and subordinate restrictions. Both airpods have a very flexible switch and wireless stereo. The appearance design is extremely simple and elegant and the redundant and tedious parts are discarded to give users a brand new feeling. 

Infinix Irocker 2
Infinix Irocker 2

If we talk about its audio quality, then Infinix airpods have HD sound quality. It has large size moving coil unit that sounds very natural. Audio quality of infinix is very clean and it makes the music more authentic. Ear buds uses 14.2mm Dynamic Bass Boost Driver with Hi-Fi audio. 

Infinix Airpods price in Pakistan

You will get extra benefit from its long endurance from morning to night easily. It is made possible because of its new generation chip that have very good control on power consumption. You can easily use infinix earbuds for upto 16 hours with its full charged charging case. 4 hours from earbuds and 12 hours from its charging case. A Type C charging cable will be provided in the box to charge these earbuds. 

We are very thankful to its new version 5.0 bluetooth chip that significantly improved the performance of communication effect and compatibility and it is very easy to operate. Pairing of infinix air pods is same as many other Bluetooth devices have. You will be automatically paired with your mobile phones when remove the air pods from case if you have already connected it by Bluetooth. 

infinex airpods
version 5.0 bluetooth chip

Infinix 10000 mAh Power Bank 

  • Weight_ 217g 
  • Portable airframe design, slim and light weight  
  • Fire proof plastic material 
  • 100% original product 
  • Charge 2 devices at a time 
  • Superior portability 
  • ABS casing 
  • Packet Charger 
  • Battery _ Li polymer 
  • Micro USB input 
  • Battery indicator light 
  • Superior circuit protection chip (Temperature protection ,Over voltage protection, Short circuit protection, Input anti reverse protection, over current protection) 
  • High performance charging / discharging 

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