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Realme Airpods

Realme is a technology brand. Realme desires are to provide products with a comprehensive higher-level experience for the young, and Realme is committed to being a modern technology brand. As the world’s flourishing smartphone brand, Realme Airpods stands firmly among the dominant smartphone brands.

We are providing Realme earbuds, Realme watches, and a power bank. Realme earbuds come on the list of top wireless earbuds in Pakistan. Realme air buds price in Pakistan varies. There are different prices for all products. All Realme buds sound great, they’re very loud and come with an extremely loud mode. Here we are going to provide a detailed description and specifications of our Realme products

Realme Buds Air 2 Neo

These are the most affordable wireless earbuds that come with active noise cancellation. Realme Airpods price in Pakistan is starts with Rs. 2400+. There is sometimes a flash sale going on this and you can buy even less than this price. In the box, you will get wireless earbuds themselves, a type C cable of very nice quality, and a couple of rubber ear tips to get a perfect fit in your ears. When you will hold the case in your hand, it will feel really really lightweight and very small in size that it will fit easily in your palm. On opening the lid, you will be going to see a pair of earbuds in it. There are soft rubber ear tips on top of the bud and it comes in a very interesting color. There is the blue and black version available in it, it depends on you, which look you are going to buy for Realme buds

When the earbuds are in your ears, you can notice a bit flush in your ears, so when you lie down on your bed, it doesn’t press against your ears and cause some kind of discomfort and all that. So, these are very comfortable. 

How do the earbuds work? 

You just have to tap on this to change to the next track, go to the previous track and you can also hold down these two earbuds to get into the ANC features. 

Let’s talk about its battery life, this Realme device can last 28 hours without ANC and with ANC, it is about 20 hours. You would love one more thing in it which is its audio quality. When listening to the music with this device, it will provide a very decent bass. So, just within this price range, you are going to enjoy many features in one device. The good news is that ANC features really work well. When earbuds are in your ears, noise isolation is very strong but when you will activate transparency mode, you may get some noise from outside. 

Use it for gaming 

Realme buds 2 works well with your game which means that it has a low latency mode. While playing mobile legends, there is no lag or latency in between the audio and action of the game. Everything is aligned perfectly. 

Am going to point out another feature of this product is its Mic system. Microphones on this device work pretty well and you can have very good calls even while you gaming with your friends. 

So, there is nothing negative point about this product, and you are getting this decent product at a very affordable price and enjoying many features at the same time like good ANC, good sound quality, and good microphone system as well as a long playtime time. 

Best Realme Buds Q2 

Best Realme Buds Q2 

Realme buds price in Pakistan is and for this price, they offer ANC, a good amount of bass, and super sound plus the battery life is fabulous. You are not going to listen to any bad point about Realme Buds Q2. 

 First, let’s talk about the design, honestly, the fit and finish are good and the case comes in a pebble like shape which is quite slippery. You can’t open it with one hand which is a little disappointing but not a deal-breaker. There are two shades available in it- Black & Grey. There is an LED indicator and both earbuds are placed in their respective slots plus there is a pairing reset button as well. 

Realme has also added a glossy texture on the touch-sensitive area of the buds that’s good attention to detail and at the back of the case, there is a type C port. 

You are going to get three and half hours of battery life with ANC enabled and with the normal mode, you can extend it to 4 hours and the case is expecting to add three more full charges to the earbuds. 

Let’s talk about the pairing process, Buds Q2 comes with Bluetooth 5.2 and supports google fast pair. The buds q2 sadly doesn’t have in-ear detection to play or pause the music so that’s a minor con but otherwise, you can download the Realme link app that lets you assign the touch controls on the buds q2 to play or pause music, to answer or disconnect a call, to trigger the assistant or to shift between anc and the other modes. 

Coming to the sound quality, the buds Q2 features 10millimeter drivers, and the best part about these is the bass. As an overall package, they sound very decent but the bass of this product is mind-blowing. While listening to tracks, the kicks and the thumbs are ever so prominent which made up for an enjoyable listening experience. 

So, overall for a regular guy, if you are looking to buy a good pair of wireless earbuds on a budget that sounds good, offers a superb bass, and comes with ANC, the Realme Buds Q2 are not going to disappoint you. 

We are also providing more products of the same brand such as Realme T5 earbuds, Realme Airpods pro, Realme Watch 2 pro, Realme buds Air 2, Realme band 2, Realme Watch S, and Realme 10000 mAh power bank. Realme power bank provides 18W fast charging. This is available in black and yellow colors and a big Realme written on it. The Design of the power bank is very sleek, it’s very lightweight and comfortable. 

You can see a single USB-A port and a USB-C port as the two input and output ports. There is also a power button and a 4-stage Led indicator on one side. 

  • Two-Way quick charge 
  • 13 layers of circuit protection 
  • Micro stripes design 
  • Led indicator lights 
  • Dual output ports 
  • 10000mAh battery capacity 

On the back of the box of Realme power bank, you can also see some descriptions of the product; like quick charge for mobile phones, quick charge for laptops, and high-density lithium polymer batteries.  

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