Jbl Airpods Price In Pakistan

Jbl Airpods Price In Pakistan

Nowadays, the trend of wireless mobile accessories is increasing which includes all Airpods, earbuds and, other such wireless headphones because of their lightweight, decent battery life, easy charging and, portability. Airpods have become fashionable now and became a top-shelf accessory. One big advantage of using Airpods is that it provides a stable and faster connection to your mobile phones. Different brands have launched their products. We are providing Airpods, earbuds, headphones, and other similar accessories of almost all brands. If we talk about the JBL brand, it is an American company that manufactures headphones and loudspeakers. JBL Airpod’s price in Pakistan varies.

We have JBL Tune 110 Handsfree which is made up of glossy plastic and has a flat style cable. Earphones feel sturdy, well-built, and are pretty light in weight.

Silicon ear tips of JBL t110 are very comfortable and they never slipped off from ears. The Earphones themselves are small and have a slight angle to fit tight into your ear canal. As mentioned before, the cable is flat styled and it avoids tangles pretty good and it’s long enough. Unfortunately, there is no pouch included in the package but overall the t110 feels solid and sturdy and can definitely handle from backpack journey. 

Now fortunately the earphone features a microphone with single button control for calls and playback and double or triple-click to skip to the next or previous track. Jbl includes three-sized ear tips which are very appreciable, especially at this price point. Jbl handsfree price is only 2990 Rs

They sound pretty good, the bass does live up to the tagline. Obviously, it’s not a beeps kind of bass but it’s pretty good for everyday use. Even though the earphones are more based-oriented, the mids and highs are very clear and the vocals also sound really nice and crisp. 

Moving towards our next product which is of Xiaomi brand. It is a smart manufacturing company. In terms of prices, the Mi handsfree price in Pakistan varies. Here we have mentioned some best quality mi earphones/ headphones. 

Best Quality Mi Earphones 2 Basic  

Mi Earphones 2 Basic  

After unboxing these mi headphones, you will get the following items;

  • A type C charging cable 
  • An international version of the manual 
  • A charging case_ which charges it for extended 20 hours of battery life 
  • Pair of earphones 

Let’s talk about the charging case, it has an LED indicator in front that lights up while charging and when you are pairing it with your mobile phone and we have the Type c connector for charging this case itself. The Case has a magnet that is not super strong but it keeps it closed. 

  • Weight_ 48 grams 
  • Impedance_ 32 ohms 
  • Bluetooth_ 5.0 
  • Charging time_ 1.5 hours 
  • Range_ up to 10 meters 
  • Battery life of headphones_ 5 hours 
  • Total battery with charging case_ up to 20 hours 
  • Earphones standing length _ 4.3cm (which is pretty long and it’s quite visible)
  • Diameter of earphones_ 1cm (which is pretty thick) 

At the bottom of the earphones, you will see the two microphones, and it’s pretty handy with the case. Aside from its magnet cover, the headphones itself is actually secured because it is magnetic. The Pairing of mi Bluetooth handsfree is very easy, when you will open the case, there will be a pop-up connection on the device which will ask you to connect. It will just take less than 10 seconds to connect. So, you’re all good to go. After connecting, you’ll see the battery life for each earphone and also the charging case itself. 

If you want to set the audio Codec, you can go to the Bluetooth setting, there’s an On and Off of AC by default. 

Touch Controls 

You just have to double-tap on the right side if you’re going to play/pause the music or end up/ answer a call. Similarly, do double-tap on the left side if you want to activate your voice assistant from the phone. One cool feature is the detection– which means if you will remove the headphones, it will automatically stop the music and if you put them back on, it automatically plays your music. 
If we talk about its price, it is quite economic. This good quality mi handsfree price in Pakistan is under 5000 Rs which is very affordable by an ordinary person. 

Redmi Buds 3 pro 

Redmi buds 3 pro is going to be an ideal option for users. Let’s talk about its built quality, its case is not glossy as the previous models of Xiaomi products, it has a matte appearance which is probably going to be more functional because it is now more resistant to scratch. This is not going to leave a fingerprint as well and the size is a little bit smaller than the previous one. 

The Case is providing the benefit of wireless charging. You just need a type C cable to charge it. There is a button on the case to do the pairing and kind of stuff. 

Design of the mi earphones is more concerned. This is smaller and comfort is much increased now. You don’t have to plug it in and do some adjustments, you just need to put it in the ear and it just fits very well. Also now you have a little bump on the base of earphones which lets you know where to touch and where to control the pausing and kind of things, That’s Nice !

One of the main things that are upgraded in Redmi buds 3 pro is active noise cancellation. This is the first Xiaomi earphone that has an adaptive noise cancellation feature also called AANC. What does it do? It has now another algorithm that can detect the noise and level of the surrounding environment so when you’re in a noisy environment, it increases the noise-canceling feature. And when you’re in a quiet environment, it decreases the level so, it can save a lot of battery according to the environment. 

Mi earbuds can be connected to two devices at the same time which is very convenient. One more thing that needs to be mentioned is that if you don’t have the Xiaomi phone, you have to download another app which is Me Ai to get the full potential of this. 

Moving towards the sound quality of Airpods, this sounds pretty good especially when you open up that sound quality enhancement, the sound is very concrete and it’s full of body. It’s not that loose, the bass is not over-emphasized. The overall feeling is very well balanced. It’s very enjoyable to listen to different kinds of tracks on these mi headphones, especially some instrument sounds. So the sound quality is very recommended for this price range.  

In terms of battery, it is a little bit smaller than the previous model because of its small size but it’s not that much. Without the case, it provides 6 hours of battery life and with the case, total battery life becomes 27 hours which is amazing !

So, concluding this, the Xiaomi buds 3 pro is very impressive for its price range and it’s gonna replace the old model in terms of comfort it offers and the best sound quality. 

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