Best Wireless Airpods (Earpods) Pro Price in Pakistan


If you are looking for true wireless airpods,  airpods pro are the best air pods in Pakistan. Those days have gone when we needed long cables for headphones, it’s the time of wireless headphones. You can enjoy audio and video songs without any hindrance. Here we will talk about some original wireless ear pods available in Pakistan at different prices. 

Airpods pro (3rd Generation)

Airpods pro (3rd Generation)
  • IPX4 waterproof
  • H1 chip 
  • Portable
  • Earpods price in Pakistan is
  • Weight – 4.3 g of earbuds & 37.9g of case
  • Dimensions – 19.2*18.3*30.8 mm of earbuds & 46.4*21.4*54.4mm of case

If you will strive to mingle the Airpods (2019) and Airpods pro , the resultant product would be like Airpods (3rd generation). Unluckily Airpods (3rd generation) have only one sized fit design which moves the users towards comfort issues. 


Airpods 3 design basically looks just like the set of Airpods pro but without silicon tips, like someone chopped them off. It’s the one size fits all, hard tip from the Airpods of the past. And this is simultaneously its biggest advantage and its biggest downside. The shape is just slightly adjusted from previous hard tip Airpods. It’s more of a wedge shape where it goes into your ear. It’s a slightly bigger opening at the end and it’s a bit more of a larger bulb. But basically the idea is that it’s pretty close to the common ear and it just pop in and sits there. No problem. There’s also a new horizontal case just like the Airpods pro case but it’s a little bit smaller. Case is also officially IPX4 water resistant. This new case is now improved. It’ll still do wireless charging, but it’s also now Mag Safe compatible, which just means it’ll snap onto the iPhone’s Mag Safe charging puck. And it holds pretty well there, too. This MagSafe wireless charging case isn’t unique to Air Pods 3 though, by the way. They quietly also updated the Air Pods Pro case to also snap onto the magnets, but they didn’t also update it for water resistance.

Sound Quality 

These Air Pods when they’re set right in your ears have much more body and bass frequencies now. And they get plenty loud as always. And they really do sound pretty solid. There is no EQ built in like a lot of other wireless headphones and wireless earphones have. And two, these were meant to still be good , basic everyday headphones. And so Apple has tuned them as such meaning they’ve got to be usable for phone calls and podcasts, which have a lot of high focus on vocal frequencies.But also music listening in a variety of genres and then also movie watching and everything in between.

Spatial Audio 

Basically there are two types of spatial audio experiences. If you’re just listening to music or watching a video and you can just force it on with the iOS settings and the head tracking turns on. And for most mixes, it basically sounds like you’re suddenly in a small room with a set of speakers in front of you. And as you turn your head from left to right, those speakers will sound like they continue to stay in front of you.

Water Resistance 

Due to IPX4 water resistance, you can use these for work outs. These are officially fine now for this purpose. Airpods (3rd generation) are totally sweat and water resistance. IPX4 makes the airpods to handle water splashes. These airpods can’t be recommended for adventure enthusiasts only because still there is no water submersion and dust protection in it. 

How will you control Airpods

There’s the controls on the stem now on both sides like Airpods pro. You pretty quickly get used to squeezing it, to play and pause.

Touch Controls

  • One tap _ Play & pause
  • Two taps _ Skip forward 
  • Three taps _ Previous track 
  • Press  & Hold_ Siri 

Noise Cancellation

There’s no noise cancellation in these, but you can see the mesh cut out on the back and around all the mikes all around this thing for adaptive EQ, it passes through some of the sound from the outside mainly to feel a bit more open than some other earbuds.


For pairing the airpods with Apple device, you will just open the lid and press “connect” on the pop-up contraption.

For android Phone, you will manually pair the buds with your device. Now just open the case, pin the pairing button and move the case near your phone until Airpods will appear in the list of available Bluetooth gadgets.

Battery Life

Apple airpods (3rd Generation) lasted for 6 hours and 21 minutes with single charge which is an advancement over the previous generation earpods that gives 4 hours and 7 minutes of playback time.

Airpods (2nd generation)

  • Wireless charging 
  • Faster switching between your devices
  • Better battery life for talk time 
  • Ability to call up Siri without having to tap on the side.
  • Weight_ 4g (earbuds) , 38g (case)
  • Waterproof_ No
  • Airpods price in Pakistan is 

These are best wireless airpods in the market with great battery life, solid connectivity, great ease of use and pretty good sound quality

The new wireless charging case for air pods looks nearly identical to the original non wireless case. Its feel every bit as addictively clicky as the original. The charge indicator light has been moved from the inside to the outside so you can now see the status without having to pick it up and open it.

Audio Quality

  • Because of the lack of seal, it’s low end is not so good. It’s feel like very low mid rather than a bass.
  • Mids will give huge amplification, Clear sounds you will experience here. It goes for voice calls as well. Clearest phone calls on Bluetooth buds come with Airpods 2nd generation. 
  • With it’s highs, you will really impressed. 

As wired connection can support lossless audio, wireless connections are not offering this feature currently.


Apple air pods surprisingly doing satisfactory job with their microphones as it’s small scaled seals only can impart you best audio quality and you can confidently say that headphones are okay for conference calls and other same services. It manages it’s flaws very well. 

Play time 

The battery life for music or just audio listening is still five hours between charges and that’s still at the top of the range for what you get with wireless ear pods. Especially thanks to H1 chip that offers additional 21% longer life. Batteries of the Apple airpods are so tiny because of it’s small size so it can’t offer very long battery life. When battery will go down, you will just have to put the pods back in case and will get additional playtime. 

Airpods pro 

  • Force Sensor 
  • Chip 
  • H1 based system 
  • “Hey Siri” – play song, make calls 
  • Transparency Mode
  • Active Noise cancellation 
  • Earpods pro price in Pakistan is 
  • Custom high dynamic range amplifier 
  • Dual Optical sensors
  • Pressure Equalization
  • Price of airpods in Pakistan is 

Apple Airpods are the best headphones that comes in the most selling , best sounding, best wireless air pods list. These are good choices when you are searching for wireless ear pods having magnificent audio quality. 

UseMobile phone, Computer, gaming, Professional, Travel, Sports
FunctionBluetooth, noise cancelling, Microphone, Waterproof
Bluetooth version5.0


White, glossy look with protruded stem and bulging body of airpods pro make them unique among the list of wireless earbuds. Apple Airpods pro are designed in a way that you don’t need to worried about their falling out of ears and always feel comfortable while wearing them. It’s a kind of functional design and like all wireless earbuds the way to control your music is through some sort of button.


Once _ to play & pause 

Twice _ to skip forward 

Thrice _ to skip backwards 

and squeeze and hold to change from transparency mode and turn on Active Noise Cancellation.


Two tiny microphones present inside and outside of the airpods pro enables us to attend phone calls and it’s really good for picking up the human sounds. Outside microphone ascertain the incoming noise that can be abandoned by anti noise. Inside microphone detects any sound coming through seal and also detects how’s a person is experiencing music through these pods. Apple has built the spatial audio to airpods pro to create an impressive 3D effect from surrounded sound.  

Audio Quality

When we talk about the sound compared to the original Airpods, these sound amazing, the sound profile is surprisingly full and the bass response_ when it comes to bass, Airpods pro have a more natural balanced sound. “Spatial Audio” – Apple’s version of simulated surround sound which uses a combo of accelero meters and software Algorithms in your airpods pro to produce 3D sound.

Battery Life

Each full charge of airpods pro _ 5 to 6 hours of listening (When transparency off)

4 to 4.5 hours (When transparency on)

3 to 3.5 hours (while calling)

With full charged Case _ More 24 hours of listening 

Haino Teko ANC-3 pro 

Haino Teko ANC-3 pro
Haino Teko ANC-3 pro
  • Weight – 205.0 g
  • Dimensions _ 4.00 in*1.50 in* 7.50 in
  • Android & IOS support 
  • Touch Sensor 
  • Siri supported 
  • Active Noise Cancellation 
  • Bluetooth version 5.0 
  • Wireless airpods price in Pakistan is 

Design  looks  really similar to the original one the ear pods  from apple and as you can see the size is really the same the looks is really the same. Air tips can be replaced on the one that we have the extra three extra air tips can be can be changed with that one depends on your type of ear. Design is nothing depends on the original and the plastic is really nice it’s a ceramic type shiny type and really fits on the on the farm and this this is coming with the charging port also.  On the right side of there is actually the touch sensor for earbuds so once you touch here, you can play and pause the music and you can control the siri on left side by double tapping it once the music is playing double tap will be the next music will play and to review the music or the previous one just by double tapping here. Black dot on the buds is ear sensor so once you put it under your ear that means it will detect from here. 


This one is made for apple users because it’s a copy of the earbuds pro so you can maximize the usage if you have an apple device. You can maximize the usage if you are having the iphone but also if you are using the android you can connect it  normally.  Just open the bluetooth and search for the anc pro and you can connect it but when if you are an apple user then you just automatically it will detect to your iphone device and you can connect it immediately and once  you again open this one and like it’s just works the same with the airpods pro.

Battery Timing 

Most likely that’s 1.5 hours it’s fully charged so and once this fully charged it will blink here and once you will get the

green light that means it’s already charged. It gives more than 4 hours of music playback or call time.

In Box 

  • Wireless charger 
  • Airpods & Charging case
  • Leather Bag 
  • Leather pouch 
  • Lightening cable

OnePlus Buds pro 

OnePlus Buds pro 
OnePlus Buds pro 
  • Smart Adaptive Noise Cancellation 
  • Oneplus Audio ID
  • Dynamic drivers tuned for rich bass 
  • High Definition audio support
  • Airpods price in Pakistan is 

Glossy white version of the oneplus buds pro are the best airpods in Pakistan  but you can also pick them up in matte black if you want something a bit more moody a bit more batman they’re nice and compact and light weighing just over four grams each you’ve got three different sizes of rubbery tip bundled there in the box along with the buds just to help keep them firmly lodged in your own particular locals and there’s even a handy little tool on the app that you can download as well which allows you to measure your own ear orifices and just make sure that you’ve got the right size tip for you. Oneplus buds pro were perfectly comfortable to wear. It helps you to find the right size of uh rubbery tip they’re nice and discreet once they’re in there they don’t jut out massively or anything like that the stems are quite short as well and like the ridiculously long air pod ones so that’s always a bonus 

Water Resistance 

Oneplus buds  pro come with ip55 protection as well so they can get very moist indeed noise if you’re sweating into them a lot down the gym or you know if you’re caught in a sudden thunderstorm you can even rock him in the shower if you want to jam to a bit of chesney hawks while you’re scrubbing your back and even the case itself is actually ipx4 splash resistant as well very posh 


Now the one plus buds pro have Bluetooth 5.2 support.  Pairing up with your smartphone piece of pie just basically open up the lid you’ve got a little button there give that a push and the two will be paired up in seconds and every time you whip the buds on out and stick them in your locals from there. one plus buds pro do work best with one plus smartphone but you can set up and customize these true wireless earbuds using the hey melody app if you don’t use a one plus blower now one of the more unique features you’ll find in that hey melody app is the zen modes air tool and basically this can help calm you down when everything has gone bad mental by piping white noise directly into your skull you’ve got a decent reelection of relaxing audio to choose from straight out of that Oppo relax app including some lovely seaside shenanigans and gentle forest.

Auto Pause 

One plus buzz pro do support auto pause when you pluck one of the buds from your ears always wonder if somebody just starts suddenly talking at you unexpectedly.

Touch Control 

You’ve got touch controls on the one plus buds pro actually just plucking them from your ear and accidentally activate those touch controls as well so you’d  end up skipping forward tracks doing all kinds of annoying stuff the touch controls are fairly comprehensive and basically involves squeezing the stem so to speak so a quick squeeze will pause or play your music you can double squeeze to skip forward a track triple squeeze to skip back a track you could also long squeeze the bad boys in order to toggle the anc on or off.

Active Noise Cancellation

Oneplus buzz pro come not just with anc but actually smart enc with three different levels to suit all different kinds of noisy scenarios you’ve got a faint energy saving setting which is basically for more ambient environments where there’s not much clamor going on and then you’ve got the standard mode and then the maxed out extreme mode for

when you’re traveling or somewhere really incredibly noisy like you know a freaking soft play area and the oneplus

buzz pro can actually automatically switch between the different ones to suit whatever environment you’re in. 

Battery Life

You’ll get five hours of use if You’ve got that enc turned on otherwise around seven hours with the noise cancellation knocked off that is actually pretty much bang. You can also get a rough estimate of how much battery life you’ve got remaining inside of that app but it does knock down in 10 increments so it’s not super accurate the actual case itself can be recharged via a bit of type c usb action you do get a cable bundled in the box.

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