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Gaming mice are specially designed for gamers with adaptable sensitivity. They can have higher and lower DPI. Mostly, a higher DPI mouse is used for video gaming such as which involves guns and weapons that make quick motions of the cursor on the screen. There are different gaming mouse wireless brands in Pakistan. People can also use the normal mouse but the benefit of a gaming mouse over a normal mouse is that it has more buttons, higher sensitivity, and great reaction than the standard mouse. So, if you want to increase your gaming experience and are serious about your games then you are at the exact place to buy some affordable and best quality gaming mouse.

Buy best gaming Mouse at best price in Pakistan | Rhizmall.pk

Rhizmall is offering a variety of gaming mice such as A4 tech mouse, FANTECH mouse, Bloody gaming mouse, ONIKUMA mouse, REDRAGON, A90, A70 gaming mouse, and some RGB Gaming mice. Combinations of gaming mice with RGB keyboards are also available. If we talk about FANTECH mice, these are the best cheap gaming mouse. FANTECH is manufacturing the best gaming products all over the world. The purpose of Fantech is to increase the experience of players and are producing their gaming items after collaboration with players so that the players can enhance their skills. Rhizmall offering wireless gaming mouse which are easy to compatible for your laptop and computers.

Buy Now Gaming Mouse at best price in Pakistan

Fantech X16 thor wired optical mouse is the best, single-handed, and cheap Fantech mouse made for gaming purposes. This mouse weighs 110 grams and is not exactly one of the lightest mice. The shape of the Fantech X16 is similar to Razor and Logitech mice which means that it is quite nice and ergonomically designed. It has a matte plastic finish except for the side buttons and sections between the scroll wheel and needs a little bit more force because the switches on the mice are a little bit on the heavy side. There is a DPI switching button behind the scroll wheel and also a lightning profile that allows you to cycle between the lightning modes of the mouse. You will just find it a little bit more resistant while moving around and a little bit difficult to move on the mouse pad.

Buy Now Gaming Mouse at best price in Pakistan| RHizmall.pk

Ergonomic Design_ Iconic ergonomic structure that stays incredibly comfortable even during long battles.

Customization_ Fantech X16 bundles with software and you can adjust everything inside from the buttons assignment.

It’s the very best budget mouse that comes under 3000PKR only. But there are 3 more mice of the same brand that costs even less than the Fantech X16 mouse. We have mentioned the specifications of these mice below;

FANTECH X15 Phantom Gaming Mouse 

  • Macro RGB gaming mouse
  • Human body engineering design
  • USB plug & play
  • 7 programmable keys
  • 155cm cable length
  • Minimum (200DPI), Maximum (4800DPI)

FANTECH G10 2400 DPI optical gaming mouse

  • 4D basic function pro-gaming mouse
  • 30g lightweight turning
  • Chrome luminous light
  • 2400 DPI
  • 3M long-lasting switches

FANTECH G13 Gaming Mouse 

  • Sensor type optic
  • RGB lights, Interface USB
  • Low friction legs
  • Suitable for both left & right-handed
  • Additional functions game optic sensor

FANTECH X15 Phantom Gaming Mouse 7 Button

FANTECH G10 2400DPI LED Optical USB Gaming Mouse

FANTECH G13 Gaming Mouse

FANTECH G13 cost you only 1500PKR with several features.

FANTECH G13 Gaming Mouse

A4 Tech is a good and well worthy brand also when it comes to pricing and quality of gaming mice. A4 tech mouse price in Pakistan varies. We are offering keyboards, mice, and combinations of both of the A4 TECH brands. The best mice of the A4 Tech brand are Bloody A90, Bloody A70, Bloody V8M, Bloody V7M, Bloody V7, G3-280A, G3-270NS, G3-220N, OP 620, OP-330S, and many more also included in the list of best gaming mice of A4 tech. Bloody A70 and A90 are the very cheap and best gaming mice. A70 has optical switches called light strike switches, they can register much higher CPS and the entire mouse feels completely different when you drag click. You can easily get 60 CPS in it without tape and with tape, up to 100. If we look at the physical features of the Bloody A90 mouse, it has a braided USB cable which is a big plus and you can see the left and right-click button that has a textured rubberized finish which is very helpful for the better grip at the mouse. Bloody mouse price in Pakistan is very affordable. It will cost you within 2000PKR.

A70-Light Strike Gaming Mouse

A4 tech G3-270 NS mouse adds a touch of sporty look to your computer peripherals with the vivid collection. Its bright and rich colors bring a delightful look to your desktop or notebook computer. It has up to 12 months of battery life, 10-15m operating range, 1200 DPI, power saving, and a 2.4 G Bluetooth feature. It provides you continuous Bluetooth stability and there is no delay or any other conflict due to Auto-channel stabilizing plugs in it. The silent click feature of the mouse eliminates the tension of bothering the person around you and keeps you stay focused on your task. The mouse goes into sleep mode when it will remain inactive for 0.2s hence, ensures adequate power saving in it.

Buy Now Gaming Mouse at best price in Pakistan| RHizmall.pk

A4 tech OP-330S is also a silent click mouse that doesn’t create any hindrance while performing any task. Its friction-less scroll wheel lets you fly through long documents and web pages with a single click. You will experience smoother cursor control on virtually any surface and the contoured design of the mouse will provide you with more support and control.

  • 5M clicks Button Lifetime
  • 1200 DPI
  • Wider scroll wheel
  • 4-way Whee

Buy Now Gaming Mouse at best price in Pakistan| RHizmall.pk

Moving towards our Redragon mouse, we are now offering only the M703 gaming mouse of this brand. The goal of redragon is to provide comfort and quality of life and remains World’s First-class gaming product manufacturer. They are providing gaming keyboards, gaming mice, and headsets that are cost-effective as well as of high quality. It has many different mice covering a lot of shape sizes and price points. M703 is a high-performance wired gaming mouse. On the left-hand side of the mouse, there are two plastic recessed lines to help with the grip for your thumb, above that two okayish side buttons are positioned perfectly for your hand size with one being textured and the other smooth to differentiate between the two. On the right-hand side, there are two more recessed lines that pretend to be helpful for gripping. The thumb button has more texture than these side grips and protruding at the front is a 1.8-meter rubberized cable with a big USB 2.0 connector on the end. On the top, are two nice and responsive left and right mouse buttons featuring unknown switches with good actuation force and don’t feel cheap and mushy. This Red dragon mouse will cost you within 5000OKR.

Buy Now Gaming Mouse at best price in Pakistan| RHizmall.pk

There are some combinations of keyboards and mouse is showing on our website such as the CW905 gaming mouse that comes with a G26 mechanical gaming keyboard. These are of the ONIKUMA brand. It’s an RGB mouse with multiple features, having different colors and specifications. Below are some specifications mentioned;

  • 7 kinds of RGB light
  • 6 levels of DPI
  • 7 Keys
  • Ergonomic design

You can change the DPI on here as well, once you will click the button to adjust it, it will light up a different color. You can see each one of these colors mentioned on the box, the lowest is 800 and the highest is 6400.

A4 tech FG1010 wireless keyboard and mouse & A4 tech 3300N wireless keyboard and mouse are the two combos with the best wireless gaming mouse.

A4 tech 3300N Wireless Keyboard Mouse 

  • 4-way wheel
  • Up to 12 months of durable battery life
  • Nano receiver
  • 125 Hz Report Rate Keyboard, mouse
  • 1000DPI Keyboard, mouse
  • 10-15m Operating range

Gaming mouse under 2000PKR is A4 tech OP-330S, A70, A90, A4 tech G3-270NS, Fantech G13, and Fantech G10 that are mentioned on our website. So, if you are in search of the best budget gaming mouse and also with various features, they will be a good choice. But if you want a gaming mouse even less pricey than these such as a gaming mouse under 1500 PKR then Bloody A70, Bloody A90, Fantech G13, Fantech G10, and T6 mouse are good for you. You can find all the detailed features and specifications of these products on the website and can select according to your choice and price range.

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