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Now a huge number of producers are available that are continuously manufacturing the latest and best quality TWS Earbuds, Wireless headphones / Wireless Handfree / Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. These wireless Bluetooth hands-free price in Pakistan varies. All wireless headphones are available at different price points. People are always in search of the best wireless headphones but also an affordable & reasonable price. We are providing a huge collection of wireless hands free and dealing with almost all top brands of Bluetooth headsets such as Apple brand, Samsung brand, Xiaomi brand, Huawei, and Realme brand. These brands are creating the best quality headphones and always remain at the top suppliers of wireless hands free.

Earbuds / wireless handsfree become a need today and they are used in our workouts, at our workplaces, for listening to music, and sometimes while swimming also because there a several earbuds / Airpods available in the market that have specific water-resistant features and can withstand in water for a long time even.

If we discuss some affordable and best earbuds, then we are offering the TWS earbuds. TWS means “ True Wireless Stereo” which is an ongoing fashion when we talk about wireless earphones. These are available at a very reasonable cost but with unique attributes. We have Mi Airdots TWS, JOYROOM JR-T03 Pro TWS Wireless earbuds, M10 TWS Wireless earbuds, TWS-T8 wireless Earbuds, CKMOVA M01 TWS Bluetooth earphones Black, TWS M9 True wireless earbuds, and many more. These all TWS earbuds price in Pakistan is very reasonable and starting from just 3000 Rs. There are five things to consider while buying a good pair of TWS earbuds

JR T03 pro Wireless Earbuds at best price in Pakistan

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  1. Controls
  2. Noise cancellation
  3. Bluetooth Codec
  4. Water resistance
  5. Battery Life

Generally, people consider the Battery life, Controls, Noise cancellation feature, Volume, audio quality, ear tips, codecs, Charging case, and cost of earbuds. Here, we will discuss our TWS earbuds.

CKMOVA M01 earbuds at best price in Pakistan

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At first, if we talk about TWS T8 earbuds, they are a build-up of shiny high-quality plastic material but do not look sordid in any way. The Charging Case is also made of plastic. In contrast to other materialistic models, this one is recognizably bigger. LED lights showing charging of the box also become clear from its translucent cover. These lights wink differently when the battery goes down, it’s full, and when headphones get paired.  

The Charging Case of T8 earbuds is larger as well as heavier because of the large battery part of the case. There is a Type-A port on the left side of the case which can be used to charge your phone and on the right side, we got a Micro USB port to charge the case hence it can give us dual functions. Buds themselves have a nice black, glossy, and descent look. They get perfectly fit in your ears and somewhat block off the surrounding sound and we can hardly hear the background noise when listening to songs on these buds.

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Like all the newest buds Tws T8 buds also come with the latest Bluetooth version 5.0. As soon as you take them out of the case and put them in your ears, they immediately start connecting and pairing with each other so it’s really easy to use.

The Stereo effect in buds is really brilliant as you can hear a lot of low-end with a little bit of mid-range and high end as well as a nice mixture. You can neatly pause and resume playing the music. They are bass earphones with a nice blend and a nice mixture of frequencies. 

If we talk about its battery capacity, it has a 2000mAh battery range which acts as a power bank that can charge your mobile phones as well. Its digital power display makes it clear to know about the remaining power in the case which avoids the embarrassment of a sudden loss of power. 

TWS M9 Wireless Earbuds at best price in Pakistan| Rhizmall.pk

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Buy M9 wireless earbuds at best price in Pakistan | Rhizmall.pk

Then, we have M10 wireless earbuds which have Bluetooth version 5.1, Headphones capacity of 50mah, charging case capacity 2000mAh, charging time of 1 hour, standby time of 120 hours, the transmission distance of 10 meters, and music time of 2-3 hours. 

Joyroom JR-T03 pro is 100% premium quality wireless earphones that come in very nice packaging. These are not the original Airpods pro but are perfect clones with a lot of features the original Airpods pro has. It supports wireless charging and has Bluetooth version 5.0. The three main highlights of these Airpods are mentioned below:

  • Pop-up pairing 
  • Both earbuds switch freely 
  • Inductive touch 


  • Music time _ 2 to 3 hours 
  • Call time _ 2 to 3 hours 
  • Earphones power capacity _ 30 mAh 
  • Charging case power capacity _ 360mAh 
  • In-ear wearing method 
  • Bluetooth _ 5.0 

At the end, we have super affordable Mi true wireless Airdots. Here are the pros and cons of Mi Airdots. 

  • 15 hours of playback with charging case
  • Built-in mic for calling
  • 7.2mm dynamic drivers
  • Power capacity _ 300mAh
  • Bluetooth _5.0

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So, if you are in search of good pair of wireless earbuds and also cost effective, then these TWs buds would be the best choice.

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