Mi True Wireless Earbuds Price in Pakistan

Xiaomi Corporation is a manufacturer of consumer electronics, related software, and home appliances. Xiaomi is the second-largest manufacturer of smartphones called a smart manufacturing company. Xiaomi declared its first smartphone in August 2011. It is the builder of many earphones such as Redmi Buds 3 lite, Mi true wireless earbuds, Mi true wireless earbuds basic 2, Redmi buds 3, Redmi buds 3 pro, and many more related products.

MI True Wirelsss Earbuds

We are dealing with Redmi buds 3 pros, Redmi watch lite 2, Mi Tws Airdots, Redmi air dots 2 black, Xiaomi Redmi buds 3 white, and many more related brand products which you can check on our site. Here is the description of some products.

Redmi Airdots 2 

After unboxing, you will get a user manual, a Case, and three sized ear tips in it. The Case is matte black with a Redmi label on the top of it and it does not get dirty easily. After the opening of the case, you will get air dots with notification lights that will blink while charging and when it needs to pair. These are of similar size as the previous version and are also very lightweight which is 35.4g only.

  • Charging Box battery _ 300mAh
  • Headphones Charging time_ 1.5 hours
  • Case Charging time _ 2 hours
  • Battery life (with case) _ up to 12 hours
  • Maximum distance _ 10 meters
  • Wireless connection _ Bluetooth 5.0
  • Charging port – Micro USB

Redmi Airdots 2

Mi air dots has a similar design to its predecessor. Air dots inside the case remains very secured with a magnet. So it’s a magnet when you will pull it out or pull it back, it’s easy to stick on or to stay in place. The pairing of earbuds is very smooth and it takes less than a minute or close to a minute. That is amazing !

You will always feel confident while having these in your ears, it fits very well in your ears. We have buttons on both sides which on one press will play or pause the music and answer a call and on double-tap, it will open the voice assistant.

Redmi Buds 3 pro

Surely, Redmi fans have been looking forward to these earbuds that have an active noise cancellation feature. Design of Redmi air dots 3 pro is different from all the previous Xiaomi and Redmi earbuds. Although the case is still oval-shaped, the direction of opening the lid is different which makes it easier to open with just one hand. The pairing buttons are not hidden underneath or at the back but are placed on the front probably because they can be pressed easily. The charging port is surrounded by a ring which increases the reliability of the port. Magnets have also been added to the hinge of the lid so that it doesn’t close easily. Notably, these entry-level noise-canceling earbuds are equipped with wireless charging which should be a rarity in its price range, further its frosted surface won’t scratch and stain fingerprints easily. So air dots 3 pros are offering the best quality this time. In fact, in terms of details, it is even better than Xiaomi’s flipbuds pro.

Redmi Buds 3 Pro

They are much lighter than the flip buds pro that had a 4.9-gram weight of a single earbud, is almost 2 grams lighter than the flip buds pro. It is also not as big as the flip buds so it is very comfortable to wear, it is operated by touch, you can long-press to switch to the noise cancellation mode, can tap to play pause or jump to the next song or you can assign a custom operation Blue Tooth decoding protocol supports SPC and AAC. But there’s no LHDC or APTX and no obvious equalizer but you can choose your favorite equalizer setting in the mi AI app. 

Redmi says it can cancel up to 35decibels of noise which is slightly lower than the noise-canceling strength of the flipbuds pro but the actual experience is not much different as the noise reduction ability is still very good but the wind noise control is rather strange when the wind is a little stronger it will turn off the feed forward microphone to reduce the impact of wind noise.

The airdots 3 pros can reach a minimum latency of 69 meters with the Chinese version of the Redmi Note 10 pros but since this feature has not been updated. The noise cancellation mode is providing three levels of noise cancellation transparency mode, also has an option to enhance the voice. The airdots 3 pro has a new adaptive noise cancellation mode that intelligently adjusts the noise cancellation intensity according to the noise in your environment. When you start playing a game it will also automatically turn on the low latency mode but the setting needs to be turned on first. 

There is also an interesting feature called adaptive chat mode when the earbuds detect that you are talking, it will switch to pass-through mode and when you don’t talk, they will cut back to noise-canceling mode. We’ve seen these features on the Huawei free buds pro and Samsung’s galaxy buds pro but shockingly, Redmi has equipped these two features in its entry-level noise noise-canceling earbuds. 

In terms of battery life in the strongest noise cancellation mode, the battery life is

About 5 hours and you can turn off the noise cancellation mode for an additional hour

of use. If you connect two devices at the same time and switch more frequently the battery life will be shortened by about an hour. 

Redmi air dot series earbuds have always been very cost-effective and this air dots 3 pro is no exception not only the design is good but also the function has added many features that only the flagship noise-canceling earbuds had before. Mi wireless earbuds price in Pakistan

Red mi Buds 3 LITE

The description available on the box of Red mi buds 3 LITE is in Chinese language but at the back of the box, you can read the main features of earbuds such as Bluetooth 5.2, IP54 waterproof, and USB type C port. In the box, you will get a charging case with earbuds, silicone ear tips of different sizes, and a user manual. There is no USB type C charging cable in the package like the previous red mi air dots 3. 

redmi buds 3 lite

You know the previous red mi bus 3 were the first wireless earbuds from red mi with a semi-in-ear design as for the new red mi button 3-lite, they have silicone ear tips. Both have different advantages. By the way, red mi buds 3 lite have not only silicon ear tips but also cat ears. They are replaceable and made of silicon. The Chinese manufacturer says that they provide better fixation of the earbuds in your ears.

These new wireless earbuds from red mi have half touch panel, LED indicator, and microphone hull on the outside. On the inside of the earbuds, there are two charging contacts. Another feature of Red mi Buds 3 Lite is IP54’s waterproof rating. However, only the air buds have water protection, not the charging case. 

Talking about the charging case, it is very compact only 60 by 46, by 24 millimeters, address LED indicator on the front, red mi logo on the back, and USB type-c charging port at the bottom. The design of the case is very minimalistic so the new red mi box looks very different from the previous red mi buds 3.

 Now let’s talk about control functions, earbuds have only a few control functions. 

  • First, you can play pause the music with press and hold on the earbuds. 
  • Double-tap on the left earbud switches to the previous track and the
  • Double-tap on the right air bud switches to the next track.
  • The triple presence in your red mi earbuds calls a voice assistant on a smartphone. 

You can also answer or reject the phone call using touch panels of wireless earbuds. That’s all. 

 You know it is very comfortable to play PUBG mobile with red mi buds relayed earbuds, the latency is low. Bass of Red mi Buds 3 lite is very high and also very high volume level. If you’re in a crowded place, you will probably turn up the volume to 80 percent. You know these pluralistic robots don’t need active noise cancellation. 

Silicon ear tips provide very good noise isolation. The sound quality of the red mi buds reuse edition is very good even without Qualcomm chip and aptx support. Talking about battery life, the new red mi buds have 5 hours of playtime on a single charge as already said that the charging case is very compact but you can use it three times to recharge the buds so the total battery life of red mi buds relate with charging keys is about 18 hours. 

The main feature of these new Red mi buds is sound quality that is good at an affordable price. There is no gaming mode in buds but the latency in games is very low. Mi true wireless earbuds price in Pakistan is. So, for only within 5000 Rs or even cheaper, you can get the wireless earbuds from Red mi with really good sound quality and deep bass. 

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