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Apple iPhone Airpods pro 2 price in pakistan

In this article, we are going to mention the best wireless Airpods for our iPhone users. Apple is a brand that designs, manufactures, and markets personal computers, wearable, Smartphones, tablets, and sells a variety of related products. It is an American multinational technology company that specializes in consumer electronics and online services. 

We are providing Apple best wireless Airpods that are specially designed for iPhone and android smartphone users. Apple Earpods are so popular for a few reasons; 

  • They are very light in weight 
  • Offer decent sound 
  • Easy to use 
  • Reliable 
  • Bring Siri to life 

Apple Airpods Pro | Best Quality Apple Earpods in Pakistan

At first, we are moving towards our most selling product which is the Apple Airpods pro. These are very affordable with the most unique features. These iPhone Airpods price in Pakistan can be check in our category pages. Apple Airpods pro was released on 30 October 2019 worldwide. Recently, Airpods pro came up with new improvements as IOS 15 updated on September 2021 and Conversation Boost that allows you to have clear face-to-face consultation while having earbuds in your ears.

If we talk about its design, Apple Airpods pro is designed in a way that you don’t need to worried about their falling out of your ears and always feel comfortable while wearing them. It’s a kind of functional design and like all wireless earbuds the way to control your music is through some sort of button_ the button is on the surface of the ear and so to pause you push it into your ears that experiences quite uncomfortable because you are pushing an object deeper into your ear. They have a white, glossy look with protruded stem and bulging body. 

The benefit of the Airpods design is because it has this stem they do the controls by squeezing the stem so you are not pushing anything into your ears, you are just doing a squeeze motion so it’s a squeeze 

Once _ to play & pause 

Twice _ to skip forward 

Thrice _ to skip backward 

and squeeze and hold to change from transparency mode and turn on Active Noise Cancellation.

Connect Your Airpods pro with Your iphone & Android

At first, you just have to make sure that you have an iPhone with the latest version of IOS. Then open the home screen, open the charging case and hold it next to your iPhone. A setup animation will appear on your iPhone then tap connect. And to connect with your android device, make sure that Bluetooth is On, go to settings> Connected devices > Bluetooth. Open the case, hold it near the android device, and press the white button on the back until you get a pop-up on the on-screen list of connected devices and then tap pair. 

When we talk about the sound quality of iPhone earphones, these sound amazing, the sound profile is surprisingly full and the bass response. when it comes to bass, Airpods pro has a more natural balanced sound. “Spatial Audio” – Apple’s version of simulated surround sound which uses a combo of accelerator meters and software Algorithms in your Earpods pro to produce 3D sound.

The two most captivating features of iPhone Bluetooth earbuds are Active noise cancellation and transparency mode. The Benefit of Active Noise Cancellation is that no matter what’s the volume or sound your environment have, if your volume is set right you don’t need to adjust it because it’s blocking out the outside noise such as office chatters can be reduced to whispers and to cut back City centered traffic to just a murmur in the background.


Two tiny microphones present inside and outside of the Airpods pro enable us to attend phone calls and it’s really good for picking up human sounds. The outside microphone ascertains the incoming noise that can be abandoned by anti-noise. The Inside microphone detects any sound coming through the seal and also detects how’s a person is experiencing music through these pods. Apple has built the spatial audio to Airpods pro to create an impressive 3D effect from the surrounded sound.  

Each full charge of Airpods pro provides 5-6 hours of listening time when transparency is off and 4-4.5 hours when transparency is on. And with a full charged case, you can enjoy 24 hours of listening. 

The next best Bluetooth headphones for iPhone and Android users are Apple Airpods 2 (2Nd generation)

 Apple Airpods 2 (2nd generation)

  • Wireless charging 
  • Faster switching between your devices
  • Better battery life for talk time 
  • Ability to call up Siri without having to tap on the side.
  • Weight_ 4g (earbuds), 38g (case)
  •  Waterproof_ No

Iphone handsfree price in Pakistan is different for each model. These are the best wireless Airpods in the market with great battery life, solid connectivity, great ease of use, and pretty good sound quality.

The new wireless charging case for air pods looks nearly identical to the original non-wireless case. It feels every bit as addictively clicky as the original. The charge indicator light has been moved from the inside to the outside so you can now see the status without having to pick it up and open it.


Apple air pods surprisingly do a satisfactory job with their microphones as their small-scaled seals only can impart you best audio quality and you can confidently say that headphones are okay for conference calls and other same services. It manages its flaws very well. 


The battery life for music or just audio listening is still five hours between charges and that’s still at the top of the range for what you get with wireless ear pods. Especially thanks to the H1 chip that offers additional 21% longer life. The batteries of the Apple Airpods are so tiny because of their small size so they can’t offer a very long battery life. When the battery will go down, you will just have to put the pods back in the case and will get additional playtime. 

Audio Quality

  • Because of the lack of seal, its low end is not so good. It feels like a very low mid rather than a bass.
  • Mids will give huge amplification, Clear sounds you will experience here. It goes for voice calls as well. The clearest phone calls on Bluetooth buds come with Airpods 2nd generation. 
  • With its highs, you will be impressed. 
  • As wired connections can support lossless audio, wireless connections are not offering this feature currently.

Airpods Pro (3rd Generation)

These iPhone Bluetooth price in Pakistan is vary model to model. When we talk about the design of Airpods pro 3rd generation, it looks like the set of Airpods pro but without silicon tips. It’s the one size fits all, a hard tip from the Airpods of the past. The shape is just slightly adjusted from previous hard tip Airpods. It’s more of a wedge shape where it goes into your ear. It’s a slightly bigger opening at the end and it’s a bit more of a larger bulb. But basically, the idea is that it’s pretty close to the common ear and it just pops in and sits there. No problem.

Moving towards its sound quality, these Air Pods when they’re set right in your ears have much more body and bass frequencies now. And they get plenty loud as always. And they do sound pretty solid. There is no EQ built-in like a lot of other headphones have.

Basically, there are two types of spatial audio experiences. If you’re just listening to music or watching a video and you can just force it on with the iOS settings and the head tracking turns on. And for most mixes, it sounds like you’re suddenly in a small room with a set of speakers in front of you. And as you turn your head from left to right, those speakers will sound like they continue to stay in front of you.

Due to IPX4 water resistance, you can use these for workouts. These are officially fine now for this purpose. Airpods (3rd generation) are sweat and water-resistant. IPX4 makes the Airpods handle water splashes. These Airpods can’t be recommended for adventure enthusiasts only because still there is no water submersion and dust protection in it.

Touch Controls

  • One tap _ Play & pause
  • Two taps _ Skip forward 
  • Three taps _ Previous track 
  • Press & Hold_ Siri 

For pairing the Airpods with an Apple device, you will just open the lid and press “connect” on the pop-up contraption.

For the android Phone, you will manually pair the buds with your device. Now just open the case, pin the pairing button and move the case near your phone until Airpods will appear in the list of available Bluetooth gadgets.

Power Beats pro

Upon unloading the Power beats Pro, you’ll have to look for a huge-sized charging case. It’s like the case of all other wireless headphones but with hugeness. You can put four cases of air pods in it which is occupied by the power beats pro alone. If we look at its good side, the case is very powerful which provides you double the battery life of earphones. 

These have a soft touch replaceable ear tip that you can put different sizes on so instead of having just hard plastic one size fits all these are soft touch and they fit pretty well. Power beats go over and around your ears and then hold it snugly to hold the earbuds in.

Power beats pro are good sounding headphones the seal that you can create with the rubber tip in your ear plus the clamping force on the side and them not coming out. They have actual physical buttons on them rather than touchpoints. On the right ear, the beats logo is a button and that can be your play pause of course

  • Double tap for the next song
  • Triple tap for the previous 

And on top of each earbud is a volume rocker so this is better than voice control better than swiping across panels of the sides of headphones. It’s just a simple and easy regular volume rocker.

They have an H1 chip so you can do a little hey Siri action if you have an I phone and they’ll still respond to that. H1 chip in them means they do that sweet instant pairing with an I phone or just regular Bluetooth pairing with any android phone just like Airpods and there’s also an auto-play pause when you take them out of your ears and put them back in.

It offers eight-plus hours of playback easily and has automatic standby if you put them down when they’re not in the case. They can go for a week without charging if you start with a full battery and a full case and on top of that there is fast charging so if they’re dead you can drop them in a case for like five minutes and it gets you over an hour of listening time so that’s pretty clutch.

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