Lenovo Earbuds

Lenovo Earbuds

Lenovo LP6 Earbuds | Best Quality Gaming Earbuds

Lenovo Earbuds

Lenovo LP6 earbuds is marketed as gaming earbuds. The box is very nice and very light in weight. Inside the box, you will get earbud plugs, a manual book in English, and cables. The pairing of the earbuds with your mobile phone is very easy. At first, turn on the Bluetooth in your mobile phone, and the device will automatically search for Bluetooth devices near you. Then select the device you want to connect to and finally pair the device. Within the charging case, the earbuds can be connected which is a cool thing. 

The sound quality of the Lenovo earbuds is pretty good, it’s not bad at all. It seems like all the frequencies are boosted up, the high, the medium, and the low frequencies are boosted up. They are very loud and you can hear everything but not in a mixed way.

Let’s talk about its touch controls;

  • A single tap on the right earbuds_ Volume up 
  • A single tap on the left earbud_ Volume down
  • Double-tap on right & left earbuds_ Play & Pause the music 
  • Triple tap on the right earbud_ Go forward & skip the song 
  • Triple tap on the left earbud_ Go backward and begin the song 

And if you will hold it for two to three seconds, it will go into gaming mode and if you will hold it for 2 to 3 seconds on the left side, it will activate your voice assistant. When gaming mode is on, there is not so much latency in music, and when it’s off, no latency at all. Lenovo earbuds are very compatible and have nice-sounding air buds. 90% of the people will gonna appreciate this kind of sound and, crystalline clear nice bass. 

So, moving towards concluding this product, these earphones are a direct competitor with the time winner, they are very good for gaming, have no latency at all in games, no latency while watching youtube videos and, very good sound quality. They are louder than the time winners and, touch controls are working perfectly in them. So, it is a very good choice for those who don’t want to spend too much money on earbuds and still want a very good pair of earphones. Lenovo earbuds price in Pakistan can check in our category.  

Lenovo Live Pods LP1

Lenovo Livepods are also Ultra budget true wireless earphones that sell for under 5000Rs. Lenovo air pods price in Pakistan is and they usually go on sale for less than that. It comes in a design that is inspired by the Apple Airpods or rather the air pods pro in terms of the shape of the box. We are going to talk about battery life that is, it can last for upwards of 12 hours with a fully charged battery case. That is amazing! The buds when removed will last for three hours with continuous music listening. 

They are also IPX4 rated so are resistant to sweat and rain. In terms of its drivers, they’re using 10 mm dynamic drivers which are slightly larger than average and they do have touch controls that you can use to play and pause your music and skip tracks. Although, volume control is Unfortunately missing from the functionality list. 

Taking a closer look at the design of live pods themselves, it’s made up of glossy poly carbonate plastic. It does not look cheap or feel anything loose or something like that. We have the aforementioned type c port for charging on the base of the charging case along with an LED Indication light when it’s charging. 

Air pods will stay in place and don’t feel loose while jogging. We have chromed edge charging connector ports right at the base of the buds and then the stem area that has touch Sensitivity controls which are pretty responsive. 

Moving towards its audio quality and performance within 5000 Rs, you can’t expect something that is truly Hi-Fi or audiophile grade. They sound better within this price range. There’s a nice amount of bass especially if you are listening to a drumbeat or EDM style music, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It gives you a bit of a punch whenever those notes hit.

In terms of connectivity, it will not encounter any issue in terms of no skipping, no popping and the music will sync quite well to the video if you are watching something on YouTube or Netflix without any delay between the left and right sides, which is quite good. 

Lenovo LP3 pro 

  • Bluetooth 5.0 for gaming and multiple uses
  • Born for sound Hi-Fi sound quality 
  • IPX5 Waterproof 
  • Dual noise reduction 
  • Long battery life

Box Contains

  • A manual book in the Chinese and English language 
  • Charging cable
  • Earbud connectors
  • Very light charging case 

The weight of the earbuds is absolutely nothing. These are very light in weight. You can see an eye drop on both earbuds. If you will hold it down, it would turn on and when you will hold it down again, it would turn off and if you want to pause the music, you just have to tap on it so, how easy it is. 

The sound of the earbuds is really good, bass is very nice & there are the same touch controls on it as the above Lenovo device. The headset can last up to 10 times in the charging case and the Micro flash charging interface has been upgraded. So, you can enjoy the music to the full and avoid the embarrassment of running out of power. The charging case of the Lenovo earbuds has a 1200mAh battery capacity and it can charge mobile phones as well in an emergency that’s a good thing !

No Inductance and Zero delay_ Efficient transmission efficiency, no matter the Android or IOS system, it can be close to no inductive delay during the game and, the sensitivity recognizes the surrounding footsteps and gunshots. 
Not afraid of rain and sweat _ Professional IPX5 waterproof and anti-sweat test, multi-process strict design can prevent sweat, rain, dust, convenient for your outdoor sports. 

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