Best Quality Wireless Earbuds Price In Pakistan

Top Quality Wireless Earbuds Brands Price In Pakistan

Nowadays, Smart phones have become a fundamental demand for everyone. By using this, we are performing many tasks without any hindrance. There are some accessories which also became important with it to provide further ease. One of these are wireless ear buds _ Anything that can be paired with any device such as mobile phones, computers, televisions and some more electronic gadgets without the use of any cable or long wires. 

Best wireless earbuds / Bluetooth headphones available in Pakistan at different price ranges. There are many airbuds & headsets that can’t be easily affordable by people. But here, I will mention all those Bluetooth headphones and Bluetooth handsfree that can be easily accessible in terms of their prices as well as their features. 

  1. Joyroom T13 Ture Wireless earbuds 
  • Best budget earphones
  • Sound is loud 
  • Good Battery Backup
  • Intelligent Dual Channel transmission 
  • Support Qi Wireless fast charge
  • 13mm Hi-Fi Stereo Speaker

Joyroom just launched their brand new ear phones that is JR T13. These are actually the perfect clone of Apple’s simple Airpods. When you will open it, there will be some kind of affiliate paperwork then our premium quality JR T13 wireless earphones box. On the box, you can see model number, then some main key features mentioned on the box and the official general sticker on the box so that no one can fake you with fake Joyroom ear phones. Joyroom products always provide simple and clean unboxing experience. 

After opening the box, you will get 

  • A user manual 
  • A charging cable (C- type)
  • T13 Charging Case in a bit more rounded corner than the original airpods case.
  • Biggest treasure hidden in the case that is Ear phones 
Joyroom-T13-Earbuds price in pakistan
Joyroom T13 Ture Wireless Earbuds | Best Quality Wireless Earbuds Price In Pakistan

Charging Case

Holding the case in hand will give you the same feel as of original air pods. Case has a matte finish on it. Its build quality is solid enough. There is a C type Charging port at the bottom of the case and front side of the case has an LED indicator which turns stable wide while on charging.

When charging completes and if it is stable green then it means you have enough battery and if white starts blinking then it means you need to plug it in a power source because now the case is running out of power. 

Back side of the case provides battery capacity for the case and earphones etc. When you open the case, it produces beeps and ear phones will automatically connect to the nearby device if you have already connected. Opening and closing sound of the case is also another factor that is similar to the original air pods. 

Joyroom T13 Earbuds price
Joyroom T13 Earbuds Price in Pakistan | Bluetooth Handsfree

Ear phones 

In the charging case, you will get a pair of Bluetooth air buds that are very light in weight. Mic is located at the bottom of the earphones, a silver ring, its size and all the holes for sensors which you will see on the ear phones are actually the same and no one can tell you without testing if these are clones and original ones. They are exactly the same as the original ones. 


We have dual speakers in both of the air pods which produces way much louder sound and you can even use them as many speakers. If you are studying or doing something else where you need lower sound then there is an in-ear detection sensor present on both buds. 

Pairing Method 

Pairing method of the ear buds is really simple. Just take the earphones out from the case, turn on Bluetooth on the mobile, search for JR T13 and connect it. That’s all. Here you are ready to use them for your purpose such as playing some music. 

Sound Quality 

Sound quality of the joy room is really great. If you will compare it with its previous model that is D03 pro and T03s earbuds, here you will find great improvement in this latest version. If we compare them with Jb’s earbuds, which are more pricey in Pakistan as compared to Joyroom, Joy room also has more sound quality and provides less ping in online games like PUBG at an affordable price. Joyroom Bluetooth headphones price in Pakistan.


Earphones actually have very fast and very responsive control. When you put the ear phones in your ears then the ear detection sensor will come in action and video will resume. And again when you take them out of your ear, the video will pause. This is actually great. 

  1. A single tap on any of the buds will pause or resume the video and the response rate is really fast here. Next control is to forward or backward the videos.
  2. If you double tap instantly on the right earphone, it will take you to the next video and if you double tap on the left earbud, it will take you to the previous song/music whatever you are playing. 

IPX5 Water Resistance & Battery Life

Joyroom earbuds are IPX5 rated. It means that they can pass through normal water conditions like rain or sweat and that’s enough if we are expecting the earphones in this price range. 

T13 earphones provide around 2 hours and 26 minutes of music time. And the charging case takes 1.5 hour to get fully charged. 

Now we are moving towards next product that is 

Kotion EACH G2000 Headset 

On the box, you will find its description such as it features LED lights, a microphone and then it’s also compatible with ps4 box, Xbox one and your PC. On the side of the box, you will see its different colors such as Black + Blue , Black + Red & Black + Orange. Headset comes in a nice cardboard box. 

Kotion Each G2000 Gaming Headset price in pakistan
Kotion Each G2000 Gaming Headset Price in Pakistan | Bluetooth Headphones

Upon unboxing, you will see a little owner’s manual, Actual headphones that will have bubble wrap around it and a cable that glows some control buttons on it. The big cool looking headphones are made of very shiny plastic on the sides. You will see really nice cool logos, kotion eats on the side and a nice chrome two-tone right on the headphones. So it goes from the shiny plastic to chrome and to kind of a dull black with some texture at the top. The ear muffs of the headphones are really really cushioned and large enough to fit on your ears and you will not feel any pressure on your earlobes. You can wear these for a long time and you probably won’t have any pain. Headphones are also really flexible and it will be really durable if you sit on them or anything like that. Sides of the head phones tend to fit different head sizes or hats or anything like that. Up on the headband, we have a cushion that feels very large, really good and comfortable on touching. Coming out of the left ear muff, we have a microphone that can be articulated down so that it’s in front of your mouth and it has a very cool looking mechanism, you can put it up whatever height you want. It looks really well built and high quality plastic and LED lights on both sides look cool. Vocals come through really clear and you can easily understand, there is no distortion or anything like that so it’s gonna work great for gaming and live streaming.  

Now moving towards its cable that is two-toned black and blue. It’s a kind of braided nylon that will keep it from tangling.  It also makes it a little bit more durable because it has some protection on it. Cable leads down to the control area, on this you can mute or UN-mute the microphone and you can also change the volume on the headset by this so this can be useful if you are doing live streaming and you want to quickly mute your mic, you could do that very quickly and you can also quickly change the volume of the audio coming through the headset to your ears. 

Then going down to the actual connector, here you have a USB connector just come with a little plastic protector on it and then a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack so this is what you’ll be plugging into your computer Xbox one things like that and this USB cable will actually power the LED’s on the headset then you do have a nice little Velcro strap that is for cable management so this will kind of hold the cables in place which is really cool.  Velcro strap is attached to the cable so you won’t lose it so if you are leaving somewhere really quick, you can quickly tie this up.

So these gaming headsets are really good, comfortable and light weight on your head. Ear muff fits all the way over your ear, so don’t worry about any weight or discomfort from your earlobe even after hours of wearing them and listening to music. Audio quality in these is really enjoyable, you get really good bass and lows and then the highest comfort is very crisp and clear. There is no tin enos and distortion. It will give you a really good listening experience. 

These gaming headsets are compatible with just about every gaming device including tablets, cell phones and computers and they are also designed very well and look cool with LEDS. G2000 gaming headphones price in Pakistan 2022  

Now moving towards next product that is

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones 

Here I will focus on its main features. Its box contains the headphones, a micro USB charging cable, 3.5 to 3.5 millimeter audio cable, serve leaflets in case you like reading and also a nice soft touch carry pouch to carry them around in.  The headphones themselves are made entirely of plastic for the comfort or memory foam ear muffs and stainless steel sliders. Mpow 059 are absolutely ideal for the younger members, the family or even a suspect for the gym or around the house in daily use. The headphones are easy to live with and it’s no chore to find a good fit due to their close back design. They do offer good isolation from your surroundings. When you finish using the headphones they can be folded for easy storage and the hinges have a reassuring click enos which feels like they’re up to the task and have been folded hundreds of times without breaking or falling apart. In terms of connectivity, these are easy and quick to pair using Bluetooth 4.0 and have a claim range of around 33 feet and this was certainly true in real world usage and only hard services like walls and giant elves were put in the way did signal begin to suffer. On the whole, though, these are as good as other Bluetooth headphones in the same price range. Bluetooth headphones price in Pakistan is The music control and volume this can be done by the built-in controls on the right ear cap allowing for changes in volume skipping, tracks playing pause and also answering and ending calls for the built-in microphone. As far as call quality goes and built-in microphone, this sounds OK but there doesn’t appear to be any noise cancellation so this could be a bit of a challenging noisy environment. MPower head phones  have a more than reasonable sound but like any dynamics as far as bass goes we do appreciate sound is very subjective.

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones price in pakistan
Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones Price in Pakistan | Bluetooth Headset

There are many other head phones, mics, speakers and wireless hands free available within affordable price ranges having their own unique features and specifications.  Some of these  include Soundpeats Bluetooth Hands free,  Mi Bluetooth speaker, Mpow H7 Bluetooth Headphones, some gaming headsets with Mic etc.

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