Best In Ear Headphones Price In Pakistan

Best In Ear Headphones and Handsfree Price in Pakistan

If you are finding a new partner for your smart phone or tablet then this is the page for you. It’s a perfect time to upgrade your in ear headphones. In ear earphones provide a more distinct listening than over ear headphones that look a little bit bulky and big. Eartips provide a satisfactory quarantine from the surrounding world. Here’s the list of available best headphones in Pakistan available at different prices. 

  1. Plextone Xmowi VX2 Gaming Earphone Handfree
  • Brand- XMOWI 
  • Model- VX2
  • Wearing type – In ear
  • Frequency Response – 20-20000Hz
  • Application- Gaming, Sport
  • Size – 17cm*11cm*3cm
  • Colors _ Black, Green, red 


Plextone comes in the list of best handsfree in Pakistan having Super selection of “ acrylic decorative parts + aluminum alloy” mixed assembly process continue to write “high appearance”, “characteristic”, “inexpensive” explosive legend. 

Strong Bulletproof Drawstring Effective Anti Winding 

500D bullet proof wire drawing wire + insulated enameled copper wire + skin friendly surface treatment, tensile and tear resistant, more durable. 

Music / Call Easy Switching 

Simple wire control key design, comfortable position, convenient operation. 


Thanks to it’s integrated microphone which you can use while gaming if you want to speak your gaming teammate.

Tuner (Mobile & Computer) 

_ Volume (Slide down) 

+ Volume (Slide up)

Multi function Key 

Pause / Play (Short press once)

Previous Song (Short press 3 times)

Next Song (Short press 2 times)

Answer the Call (Short press once)

Hang Up (Short press once when calling)

Refuse to answer a Call (Long press for 1 second)

Compatible with 

  • Laptops 
  • Mobile Phone 
  • Computers 
  • Xbox Series X 
  • PS5

Double Noise Immunity Peak Valley Controller 

It inherits the “filter clutter” architecture of the previous generation circuit design and adds a “Peak Valley Controller” which can not only filter out the 38mw weak signal clutter of the audio output of the mobile game, but also automatically enhance the filtering effect when accessing the high- power computer audio signal with more than 200MW, reducing the “white noise” to a new level in the industry. 

High Quality Audio 

You can get high quality audio while staying within an affordable earphones list. Enjoy your music without shattering the bank by Plextone. This best hands free price in Pakistan is 

Package Contains

  • Silicone eartip 
  • Manual 
  • VX2 game headset
  • Warranty Card
  • Cable tie 
  • Cable Clamp
  1. JBL Tune 110 Hands-Free Black 

JBL Tune 110 Hands Free is made of plastic glossy plastic, feature a flat style cable well-built and pretty lightweight the silicone ear tips are very comfortable and never slipped off your ears but as with every year phone this is going to be an individual’s experience now the earphones themselves are small and have a slight angle to fit tight into your ear canal. The cable is flat style and avoid tangles pretty good and it’s long enough now these earphones don’t have a right angle 3.5 mm jack but somewhere between a right angle and straight 3.5 mm jack.

JBL Tune 110 Hands-Free Black | Best In Ear Headphones


Overall the t110 feels solid and sturdy which can definitely handle a backpack journey now fortunately the Eurozone features a microphone with a single button control for calls and playback double click for triple click to skip to the next or previous track.

Best Ear Phones in Pakistan

Sound Quality

They sound pretty good. The bass does live up to tagline pure bass now obviously it’s not beeps kind of bass but pretty good for everyday use. The earphones are more based oriented the mids and highs are very Clear, the vocals also sound really nice and crisp now the volume levels though could have been a bit better especially at fifty percent of fifty five percent but nothing that will make you hate the earphone. The sound isolation is pretty good and there will be no disturbance of the cable rubbing on mic shows overall the t110 is clear sounding earphones with some punchy bass. If you have a budget of 2500 to 3000 then it can easily be fit at the top of your choices list. It’s a budget low-end earphone which you can easily pick up. 

JBL Tune 110 Hands-Free
Tune 110 | Best Handsfree In Pakistan | Best In Ear Headphones Price In Pakistan
  1. Kotion Each G2000 Gaming Headset

G2000 headset is the best headset in Pakistan. Headphones price in Pakistan can be check on our Headphones page.  You can see on its box, on the side they come in different colors orange red blue.  It comes in a nice cardboard box which you will like. First thing you will have in the box is a little owner’s manual then you will have the actual headphones here and they do have bubble wrap around them so that they feel nice and protected and actually working when you get them in the cable and glow some controls right at the side of the bag.

Kotion Each G2000 Gaming Headset
Kotion Each G2000 Gaming Headset | Top Quality Handsfree Price in Pakistan


So right off the bat there are really big cool looking headphones very shiny plastic on the sides doesn’t really hold fingerprints so that’s good, we have really nice cool logos and then koushin eats with the G mm on the side you do have a nice chrome two-tone right  so it goes from the shiny plastic to chrome and to kind of a dull black with some texture at the top the ear muffs are very very cushioned  and they’re gonna be large enough to fit over your ears so you’re not gonna have any pressure on your earlobes anything that causes pain or discomfort you can wear these for a long time and you probably won’t have any pain they’re also really flexible as you can see so they’ll be very durable if you sit on them or anything like that and the sides here do it’s tend out to fit different head sizes or hats things like that. 

Up on the headband we do have a cushion and this is a very large cushion that feels really good when you press it, it will really feel comfortable. We do have a microphone and that can be articulated down so that it’s in front of your mouth now the microphone is not flexible at all so you will have to move it up if you want to get it out of your way but it does have a really cool locking mechanism so you can kind of put it up whatever height you wanted and it’ll stay there it’s not loose at all this all feels really well-built and high quality plastic.


A blue LED, then the LEDs will all be on both sides and that’ll look really cool if you’re streaming so moving on down to the cable, it is a two-toned black and blue and if you got the other colors that’s what color it would be here it’s kind of a braided nylon so this will keep it from tangling it also makes it a little bit more durable because it has some protection on it the cable leads down to this little control area thing so on this you can mute and unmute the microphone and you can also change the volume on the headset so this can be useful if you’re doing live-streaming you want to quickly mute your mic you could do that very quickly with this it’s right near your headset on the cable so it’s very easy to find you can also quickly change the volume of the audio coming through the headset to your ears and then going down to the actual connectors. You do get a really nice glow even on the inside of the earmuffs, you get some glow which looks really cool and again you can do this with any power bank where a wall charger all you have to do is plug that USB connector into it and you’ll get the lights turning on. In the owners manual, there is little diagram that shows if you’re going to be plugging this into a computer that has a separate headphone and microphone jack you’re gonna need an adapter this adapter is not included in the box so it’s something you’re gonna have to purchase in addition to these headphones. 

USB Connector 

Then we have a USB connector just come with a little plastic protector on it and then a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack so this is what you’ll be plugging into your computer Xbox one things like that and this USB cable will actually power the LEDs on the headset then you do have a nice little velcro strap that is for cable management so this will kind of hold the cables in place. It is attached to the cable so you won’t lose it which is really cool so if you’re leaving somewhere real quick you can quickly tie this up and then you have to worry about it getting damaged or knotted in something and then you’re ready to go so as you can see lots of design here where the LED lights are at you have some really cool detail in there it’s pretty cool looking headphones.


You will see the microphone does have a light in the front as well as the sides. They look really good, they’re perfect for live-streaming alright so as you just heard the microphone on this headset is actually really good the vocals come through really clear you can easily understand. There’s no distortion or anything like that. This is gonna work great for gaming or even live-streaming real quick. 

  1. ONIKUMA X10 RGB headset 
  • Directivity – Omni directional 
  • Cable length – About 2.1m 
  • Speaker diameter – 50mm (Provide high, medium, low frequency)
  • Mic impedance – 2.2kohm
  • Universal Compatibility 

It nearly tops the chart on every category in terms of quality bass and loudness the quality ranges around maybe four is because they use a high pass filter on this model too much so if you’re going to listen to music you’ll realize that the vocals of the artist singing is maybe on the thin side but not too thin one thing that i did to make it a little better is to tweak it with the real tech software in your windows 10 just simply put it into alive equalization and you’re good to go. Also it increased the loudness aside from its standard one which is already loud but if you push the volume too much on the maximum level you’ll start hearing some crackling noise but not too much.  

If you play rainbow six siege valorant or even call of duty you will be hearing a lot of footsteps so for immersion, it is

good that also goes with the rpg games casual games you know those types of variety it will give you a good

immersion. There will be no pumps in terms of design and functionality.

ONIKUMA X10 RGB headset
ONIKUMA X10 RGB Headset | Best in ear Headphones Price

Perfect Fit

At first when you wear the headphones you can feel the the tightness of the band but as you keep using it and playing you won’t have any problem about your head aching because of the strength of the bun that they use so you will have a good experience wearing this headphone but also you might want to consider of loosening up the adjustment so you have a much more perfect fit when you wear it.

Long Time Wearing Comfy & Ergonomic Design 

  • 15 degree Angle design 
  • Adjustable head beam 
  • Soft memory protein head pad 
  • Cool RGB light design 

Detachable Microphone 

Fully detachable microphone optimized for high vocal clarity and reduced ambient noise. 

No Stuffy Feeling with Breathable Foam 

The slim, lightweight design incorporates a cushioned headband and perforated, breathable materials for hours of comfort, whether you’re gaming , listening to music, or watching videos. 

  1.  ONIKUMA X11 Gaming Headset 
  • LED Light 
  • Noise reducing Mic
  • Stereo surround sound
  • Superior stereo sound 
  • Light weight
  • Protein Headpad 
  • Comfortable 
  • Retractable headband
  • Multi platform compatibility

It also comes in the list of best headphones in Pakistan. All gaming headphones price varies. These headphones prices can be checked on our headphone collections. Onikuma headphones are modish, magnificent headphones with active noise reduction features. These headphones are especially styled. LED lights are energized by a USB plug, styled on the earcups. For music lovers and game players  It provides high quality stereo sound with its high precision due to its 50mm magnetic driver which is essential for a gamer and audible positioning to amplify the speaker unit’s susceptibility.  Due to this feature, you can enjoy your favorite game with full concentration without any disturbing noise from outside. The memory foam provides protection around each ear for long wearing ease so that you can enjoy gaming for hours.

ONIKUMA X11 Gaming Headset
Gaming Headphones | Buy Headphones in Pakistan

Compatible with 

  • PC
  • PS4
  • PS5
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Mobile devices with a single 3.5mm stereo plug.
  • Smartphones
  1. ONIKUMA Gaming Headset K1 stereo Sound Noise Canceling

Inside the box 

Inside the box you’re gonna get the headset itself instruction when do you tell throwing some stuff and you get this splitter cable so you can go from the bottom the 3.5 millimeter attach the headphone and spit down into a microphone and audio if you say requires looking now at the cable itself standard 3.5 millimeter plug and so if you’re on ps4 like you will simply plug that into the bottle you control and you’re good to go this nice braided material kind of similar color scheme to the headset then you have the controller here with a little clip clip onto your jumper or shirt or whatever the volume rocker roller here or up and down. And then you’ve also got a mute switch where you can toggle talking or muted does everything you need really just mold it into the headphones of the other headset itself and on Akane moonlight go on back to ear cups the mic rolls forward on the left ear cup similar styling right on the end of it and you can roll it back up when you’re not using it nice brownie comes Brad padding as you can see the headphones themselves we’ve got this camo styling which good fit with lots of first-person shooter game.

ONIKUMA Gaming Headset K1
ONIKUMA Gaming Headset K1 | Best Headphones In Pakistan

They’re pretty durable, you can see we bend them forward and backward here. They are very comfortable if you look at the size of the air cups and the padding. It’s massive really for the price. They are the cup fits over your whole layer and you’ve got a couple of inches of padding there and on the headband it surely makes them really nice and comfortable it’s away even if you’re playing games for a couple of hours now under sound quality you’ll be very pleased with these actually for the price point they did really well really great sound get the directional sound which is especially useful first-person shooters so you can tell where the enemy is going to come from and speaking for the microphone really good clear sound. It’s really good at not picking up background noise like a lot of cheaper headsets. These are really excellent, definitely better than the turtle beach or other big brands you’re going to get for this price.

There are many more headsets available at different price ranges such as 

Kotion Each G7500 

ONIKUMA K15 RGB Gaming Headset


ONIKUMA X10 RGB Headset 


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