Best Quality Bluetooth Earphones Price in Pakistan

Top Bluetooth Earphones Brands Price in Pakistan

Bluetooth Earphones are becoming so popular in modern years because of their solid sound quality, excellent pairing, comfortable fit, tiny size and stylish packaging. We are providing all of the best Bluetooth earbuds in terms of your preferences and price ranges. Some detailed features of our airpods 2, Samsung galaxy buds plus and Power beats pro are mentioned here.  Many more Bluetooth earphones are available which have their own unique features. 

  1. Earpods 2

While unboxing our second generation airpods, one thing you will notice about the box that its pretty much the same as the original ear pods box. Outside of a few differences, the front is exactly the same so you have the picture of the buds there, an Apple logo on the side and if you opted for the top-of-the-line ear pods with wireless charging case it will actually say wireless charging case right below the ear pods text. After unboxing, you will see the design by Apple in California packet and right below that you’ll see second generation air pods. So, inside the packet you’ll find safety and handling details along with warranty details. Just feel free to read those. Here you will get some starting guide which walks you through some of the basic functionality of the second generation air pods. While continuing our unboxing, at the very bottom of the package, you’ll find a lightning to USB cable which is kind of nice to be honest. 

Then comes air pods with wireless charging case so one thing you’re gonna notice right off the bat that looks pretty much the same as the original model. But obviously there are some key differences such as between original charging case and wireless charging case, between first chin ear buds and second chin air buds but one thing that hasn’t changed is its easy pairing.  You just have to simply open up your ear pods charging case and you’ll see a little pop up on the screen and then you just tap connect and you’re connected here.

 You’ll find several settings on mobile. You can rename your air pods, can change the double tap chest here for each bud so you can invoke Siri play Pause, next track, previous track or turn off the double tap gesture as well. You also have automatic ear detection so it uses a little sensor on the bud to detect when it’s in your ear. You can also adjust microphone settings. Now one of the really cool things about the iOS integration of the air pods is that it not only shows your ear buds battery status but it shows the wireless charging case battery status as well and there’s a special battery widget which will also tell you the battery status of your ear pods.

Another thing that I really appreciate about the air pods is that they sync together with iCloud so when you connect to an iCloud and evil device, those air pods are available across all your iCloud connected devices. So, your

Mac, your iPad, your iPhone etc automatically recognize those air pods. Its wireless charging case allows you to charge your ear pods wireless which isn’t groundbreaking but it’s awfully convenient so it will work with any qi wireless charger. The coolest thing isn’t wireless charging, the coolest thing is hands-free voice-activated Siri.

When you go through the initial setup of your ear pods and you don’t have voice activation for Siri, it will request that you do so you can set it up just by tapping the button. Doing so will allow you to interact with Siri. So, you talk to Siri by using your ear pods microphone and Siri will talk back by using the speakers in the air pods. It’s all made possible by the new h1 wireless chip inside the new air pods. It makes your interactions with Siri all the more personal and natural. Another benefit of the new h1 chip inside the air pods too is increased talk time. The h1 is more efficient. That’s going to give you up to three hours of talk time now on a single charge and up to two additional hours of talk time from a quick fifteen minutes charge.  

You will notice the lower latency when playing games so when you press a button or you perform an action in the game that makes a sound, there will be less of a delay between the action on screen and what you hear in

your air pods. 

So, buying these new air pods is going to solve many issues while staying within reasonable prices. Bluetooth earphones price in Pakistan

  1. Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Samsung galaxy buds plus is a big advancement in the group of Bluetooth earbuds. Buds plus are all round in shape and its adjustable silicone ear tips are offering good bang for your money. Earphones are light in weight and comfortable. These smooth, silky and glossy earbuds can be easily put into their charging case. Glance of the buds enhanced due to its BTS edition. Touch resistivity button on the outside of the buds understands single, double, triple and long presses.

Samsung buds are rewarding their listeners with better sound quality, providing rich and natural sound. Their sound profile is very well-adjusted. Older models of buds have only an android App while it has companion App for IOS as well as Android App.  Buds also produce clear sound by AKG which tuned the frequency response. Dual driver system (dedicated woofer & tweeter) that expanded the range of earbuds and adapted 3 mic system in buds plus is another change. When you’re on call, the 2 outer mics work in cooperation with the inner mic to neglect surrounding sounds.

Samsung’s DSP definitely amends the bass when you are watching YouTube or Netflix around the house so you can make use of these great headphones. Buds plus includes options for soft, dynamic, clear and bass boost hence customized sound can be produced effortlessly. Joining video chats and calls at home or at work place became more confident due to its secondary outer mic advancement.

There are two methods of its connectivity. If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or later with the Smart Things app installed, then you’ll be met with a pop-up window on mobile when initially pairing the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. Otherwise, you can pair the earbuds by removing them from the case, going into your phone’s Bluetooth menu, and selecting “Galaxy Buds+.”  This blue tooth connectivity can shift easily from your phone to your tablet or other Samsung devices. Galaxy buds plus are available in different colors. You can choose according to your sense of style. Some of these include black, white, blue and red. 

  1. Power Beats Pro 

These have a soft touch replaceable ear tip that you can put different sizes on so instead of having just hard plastic one size fits all these are soft touch and they fit pretty well. Power beats goes over and around your ears and then holds it snugly to hold the ear buds in.

These are plastic sweat proof of course and the clamp force while it is snug, it is not too tight and the sign of any good pair of headphones is that you can wear them for a long time and after a while you just kind of forget you’re wearing them that’s good okay. We can differ them from air pods because of its case, it is a matte black protective hard shell case with built-in battery and charging while the air pods have a small charging case that is actually pocket-able. There is a little light on the outside of the case and there’s a pair of buttons on the inside that’s all great.

On top of each ear bud is a volume rocker so this is better than voice control better than the swiping across panels of the sides of headphones. It’s just a simple and easy regular volume rocker. These are some of the best ones especially if you’re an athlete, if you need them to be sweat proof you need them to stay in your ears while you move around a lot,  you need workout headphones. 

Power beats pro are offering eight plus hours of playback easily, and have automatic standby if you put them down when they’re not in the case. They can go for a week without charging if you start with a full battery and a full case and on top of that there is fast charging so if they’re dead you can drop them in case for like five minutes and it gets you over an hour of listening time so that’s pretty clutch.

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