Best Quality Wireless Earphones Price in Pakistan

Top Wireless Earphones Brands Price in Pakistan

If you want to replace your existing wireless earphones with the best quality wireless earphones, then here’s the list of some wireless earphones/earbuds available in Pakistan with price which you can pick according to your choice. They play finer than they ever have before.  

1. Mpow Flame Wireless Earphone

They come in the budget headphones category which actually are pretty good anyways right off the bat it comes in a pretty sweet packaging you get a case which you can carry around to put these in when not in use. Price of wireless earphones in Pakistan can check on our category page.  Mpow sport wireless earphones some quick specs built-in mic wireless connection compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices also comes with a carrying caseipx7 waterproof with optional ear plug sizes the operation works up to 10meters standby time is 200 to 20 hours talk and play time is seven hours on one charge and it has a 100 milliamp hour battery.


Upon unboxing, we get the carrying pouch, a user manual a disclaimer a reminder and their advertisement checking out other products OK nice little zipper here they contain and headphones and we also get the charging cable two other pairs of earbuds and two other ones not up close you can tell if these are gonna wrap around your ear the cable seems to be pretty long. Headphones themselves look stylish but it resembles the Beats headphones the wireless power beats which actually cost quite a lot these however cost less than quarter that price and look equally good the wire is of good length. The power button also doubles as the play or pause button and to pick up calls the volume buttons are on the top with which you can also switch to previous or next songs with the long press the ear hook certainly helped to keep this snugly fit in your ears the earbuds are quiet comfortable and you can keep them in your ears for quite a long time as well

You will like the color red on black on the earbuds you can see there the transparent with the red accent look these do come labeled for left and right the left side doesn’t have any charging ports or buttons going from the right side you can see here we have a volume up and down and most likely play in pause the left ear doesn’t do anything doesn’t click and this over the back of your ear is very soft it’s rubbery you can see it flex around it’s not gonna be annoyingly hard. Their Support has a little rubber seal and it’s gonna be a micro USB for charging and this does answer calls and the microphone hole is right in between this little gap.

IPX7 Water Resistance

It’s not gonna fatigue or feel uncomfortable if you never have one of these headphones that have these wrap around its so when you’re doing sports it never falls off because your activity is pretty active.these are specially designed for working out so they obviously have to be comfortable plus these are ipx7 water resistance which means you can drop it up to 1 meter of water and they’ll still work this feature makes them sweat proof which is best for working out but it’s also usable when raining lightly overall the wire and the rubber plastic mold constructions appears pretty durable the ear hooks are flexible enough to bend without breaking and the rest of it doesn’t feel cheap at all. 


Pess and hold you’re gonna get pairing mode so what we do now is going to our Bluetooth pair our new device and we’re gonna select Mpow flame and your phone might give you information like telling you it’s a hundred percent

battery charge. Connectivity is standard Bluetooth 4.1 it works up to a range of close to 10 meters

Audio Quality 

It’s sound at full blast is a little bit too loud but they have pretty good bass. It’s not the bassist kind. They are definitely loud enough to feel the bass thump when you make calls with them. These headphones also claim to have the true definition sound and deep bass. They sound crispy and have great clarity.

Noise Cancellation

They have noise cancellation on the mic which makes for good call quality to the earbuds. It blocks external noise very effectively as well once you put them on you can easily forget whatever is going around.

Battery Life

In terms of battery these headphones claim about seven to nine hours of battery life and that is a pretty close estimate. You will always have about close to seven hours of battery life on a full charge. However when connected to a laptop these don’t last as long. 300 million battery charges are pretty quickly in just someone and a half hours give or take five minutes and for something that’s wireless, that’s a pretty good amount all in all.

2. Realme Buds Q


Upon unboxing, we are greeted with the real me bud skew inside the box where the butt skew is situated we will find the spare ear tips the quick start guide and a micro USB cable now checking out the bot skew itself we got a pebble like design casing as well as the earbuds there’s a charging indicator up front any micro USB port at the back real rebranding on top and logos on the bus itself which also acts as a touch sensitive area that can trigger specific actions like double tap for pause play and answering calls triple tap on the right button to skip tracks triple tap the left button to go back to the previous track and press and hold both earbuds for 2 seconds to activate game mode but these aren’t the only controls that the butt skill hasif you are on IOS unfortunately you can take advantage of these other controls since it is accessible through theme linked app which is only available in google play store on the app you can customize every action to your liking. Add a top function to trigger voice assistant activate gaming mode manually which improves latency up to 119 milliseconds and see your bot’s battery life which is pretty handy. Wireless earphones price in Pakistan can check on category page.


The buds skill is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0that is why pairing these buds is relatively easy. To connect it for the first time guys all you have to do is of course open your in charging case tap os and then go to your smartphone in the opening setting and shampoo it turn on your Bluetooth and just find the really bot’s fuse options after you’re going your first time pairing mirror national auto reconnect features. Reconnecting the butt steel with your other device is really easy as placing the buttons in your ear goes to your phone and playing whatever content you want to listen to now thanks to its 10millimeter large driver with a dynamic bass boost.

Audio Quality

The real me mod skew sounds incredible there are plenty of highs and lows bass on the other hand is quite

overwhelming but the rhyming butt skill is an excellent sounding. Audio quality is because of its 10millimeter large driver in American dynamic bass boost audio quality guys is superokay for the price that you’re actually paying for it.

 Battery life

Super low latency for gaming mode a champion guys paradox battery life orbattery life span then really boss actually measuring from 400 milliamphour okay. Now for battery the bug’s q’s charging case is equipped with a 400 milliamp hours battery which in theory can provide 20 hours of power on a single charge. Each bud can provide upto three to three point five hours of music playback which is pretty nice. Now the realme bot skew is available in three colors; white, black and yellow.

3. Sound Stream True Wireless Earbuds 

  • Inner Ear tips 
  • USB charging Cable 
  • Stereo pair earphones 
  • Charging Capsule 

Basic packaging gives you all the general specifications on the back here battery size charge time 60 milliamp battery charge time about an hour and a half to 120 minutes music playback time says 4 hours. As you can see they are both marked, one is marked R and second is marked L so you know which is left and which is right. This is the charging tube you can see at the top. It has a micro USB input so you can use your cables if you want. If you need to use a longer cable you can use yours from your phones if you stop a fan to use this micro USB or you can go buy a longer one at the store it will work you get the Quick Start guide and the sound stream technology warranty card that gives you a one-year limited one year consumer warranty. Price of Wireless Earphones in Pakistan can check here.

 There are two other sets of clear earbuds and they’re very easy to change all you have to do is pop it off pop the new one on very easy to keep clean you have to do is clean these out if you get any hair wax or dirt in them and if need be just blow it out use a q-tip there’s a little pen if you want whatever you need put it back on it just pushes on pops right into charge this will light up too when you’re charging when you’re charging the battery pack that’s in here this battery pack that is in this charging tube is good for about three charges on the earphones so you don’t have to worry about charging this every time. You get a charger here buds one charge will last about two and a half three charges and then don’t you take it out all you have to do is slide it in your ear they’ll automatically turn on and then you can you already have them paired with your phone they’ll automatically pair if not the first time you take them out they’ll go into pairing mode can look on your phone the way you would pair any other USB device.

Use them while Running 

They are very lightweight, it’s 0.16 ounces so if you’re a runner got the three different size earphones  you can get these to fit nice and tight in your ears and then they won’t fall out while you’re running they don’t add any weight. You can use them while bike riding and lengthy runs because of its sweat resistant feature.

Battery Life 

Playback time _ 4 to 5 hours 

Power recharges in 1.5 hours 

60 Mah rechargeable battery 

Total 125 hours of standby 

4. Power Beats pro 

  • Huge sound stage 
  • Superbly Comfortable
  • Water resistant 
  • Epic battery life
  • Rich sound with satisfying bass 
  • Airbuds price in Pakistan

Ear Tips 

These have a soft touch replaceable ear tip that you can put different sizes on so instead of having just hard plastic one size fits all these are soft touch and they fit pretty well. Power beats goes over and around your ears and then holds it snugly to hold the earbuds in.

These are plastic sweat proof of course and the clamp force while it is snug, it is not too tight and the sign of any good pair of headphones is that you can wear them for a long time and after a while you just kind of forget you’re wearing them that’s good okay. We can differ them from air pods because of its case, it’s a matte black protective hard shell case with built-in battery and charging while the air pods have a small charging case that is actually pocket able. There is a little light on the outside of the case and there’s a pair of buttons on the inside that’s all great.

Volume Rocker 

And on top of each earbud is a volume rocker so this is better than voice control better than the swiping across panels of the sides of headphones. It’s just simple and easy regular volume rocker

Battery Life

It offers eight plus hours of playback easily, has automatic standby if you put them down when they’re not in the case. They can go for a week without charging if you start with a full battery and a full case and on top of that there is fast charging so if they’re dead you can drop them in case for like five minutes and it gets you over an hour of listening time so that’s pretty clutch.

Water Resistance 

These are some of the best ones, especially if you’re an athlete, so you need them to be sweat proof. You need them to stay in your ears while you move around a lot. You need workout headphones.

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