Lenovo Airpods Price In Pakistan

In this article, we are going to review our Lenovo Airpods Products and their price in Pakistan. We are dealing with Lenovo Livepods LP1 and Lenovo GM3 gaming earbuds. Lenovo is one of the world’s best leading Companies which manufactures innovative Mobile phone devices and PCs. It is the world’s largest personal computer vendor by unit sales. 

  1. Lenovo Livepods LP1

Admired and very affordable true wireless earphones from Lenovo.

Lenovo Livepods are Ultra budget true wireless earphones that sell for under 5000 Rs. Lenovo air pods price in Pakistan is and they usually go on sale for less than that. It comes in a design that is inspired by the Apple Air pods or rather the air pods pro in terms of the shape of the box. We are going to talk about battery life, that is, it can last for upwards of 12 hours with a fully charged battery case. That is amazing! The buds when removed will last for three hours with continuous music listening. 

They are also IPX4 rated so are resistant to sweat and rain. In terms of its drivers, they’re using 10 mm dynamic drivers which are slightly larger than average and they do have touch controls that you can use to play and pause your music and skip tracks. However, volume control is Unfortunately missing from the functionality list. 

There are some colors that you can pick from in terms of the accent of the box including a red edition. Like other buds in this price range, it supports codecs like SBC and AAC. Although it doesn’t have Qualcomm’s apex. 

Inside the box, we have the buds themselves which we’ll talk about. There’s also a USB type-c charging cable so it’s great to see that they are still using a very standard charging port instead of cheap ones and using Micro USB, this is a good decision as compared to Mi air dots that Sales for the same price but still uses the older Micro USB. We also have spare silicon tips to get a more snug fit and a quick user guide in the box. 

Alright, so taking a closer look at the design of live pods themselves, it’s made up of glossy poly carbonate plastic. It does not look cheap or feel anything loose or something like that. We have the aforementioned type c port for charging on the base of the charging case along with an LED Indication light when it’s charging. 

The case opens up pretty well and when it’s open, it’s stiff and doesn’t fall loose. And you will see that the case size is quite compact and small aside from the buds. It doesn’t have too much room for much of anything else. But also because of how compact these are, once the buds are removed from the battery case, to start pairing with your device, this process is relatively fast and seamless. 

The Design of the buds has a stem similar to air pods although one difference as compared to the regular model is that they still have Silicone ear tips. They are much closer to the air pods pro in the sense that there’s a tighter fit, blocks out more noise with isolation if you are walking around and doing some light jogging. Air pods will stay in place and don’t feel loose while jogging. We have chromed edge charging connector ports right at the base of the buds and then the stem area that has touch Sensitivity controls which is pretty responsive. 

Now moving towards its audio quality and performance within 5000 Rs, you can’t expect something that is truly Hi-Fi or audiophile grade. They sound better within this price range. There’s a nice amount of bass, especially if you are listening to a drumbeat or EDM style music, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It gives you a bit of a punch whenever those notes hit.

 At the same time, it still has a pleasant amount of detail in the mids, I’d say if you are listening to a pop song, it is very lively. It has a loud enough volume and it gets you immersed in the music even while you are performing sports and walking around. Trouble higher frequency sounds could be refined; that’s probably its biggest contrast if you are putting it against a more expensive pair of headphones. 

Headphones don’t sound muddy. Overall, they are doing a great job. Again, if you are wearing these for light sports or you want to feel energized or just for pop music, it will do a very good job. 

In terms of connectivity, it will not encounter any issue in terms of no skipping, no popping and the music will sync quite well to the video if you are watching something on YouTube or Netflix without any delay between the left and right sides, which is quite good. 

The Call quality of Lenovo live pods is average and it’s not too different from the red mi airports. It doesn’t have the most advanced noise cancellation so when you will be outside, there’ll a bit of wind noise around you. But if you are in a quieter space, it sounds okay. 

So, Lenovo is the super low-cost pair of TWS wireless earbuds which is performing better. So if you are interested in something that doesn’t break the bank or you just want something quick to listen to music, Lenovo is the best choice.

2. Lenovo GM3 Gaming Earbuds

  • 12 hours total battery life (1.5 hours charging time)
  • Active noise reduction 
  • HD sensitive microphone 
  • Smooth phone calls 
  • BT 5.0 chip 
  • Super Low latency 
  • Comfortable to wear, no pressure 
  • 2 sounds effect modes (Game mode & Music mode)
  • Support APP   
  • Type c charging port 
  • Dual independent chip design
  • 8-10 M Transmission distance 
  • 12mm horn diameter 

Lenovo GM3 Gaming Earbuds

60ms low latency_ There is a sound effect adaptation function in the game mode, and a fine sound can also be captured to clearly distinguish the enemy’s position. The game/music mode can be shifted by a key operation to meet the needs of varied usage scenarios. 

Hi-Fi sound quality_ In-depth analysis, restore the original music sound, 12mm metal diaphragm, transparent treble, full and shocking mid-bass. 

The new Bluetooth 5.0 chip has lower latency, greatly refined connection speed and solidity, better and clearer sound details. 

Gaming Earbuds

In the gun battle game, the game mode can convey the enemy’s position to you in real-time, allowing you to enjoy super-real panoramic sound effects. 

Using a 12mm moving coil unit + graphene diaphragm, full- frequency sound is more beautiful the audio experience is better. 

LED Battery Display_ The magnificent color atmosphere lights and the remaining battery presentation are full of the style of the game, bringing a brand-new audio-visual experience. 

Widely Compatible _ Whether it is a mobile phone or a tablet, as long as it has a Bluetooth function, it can be paired, a low latency game experience, and an amazing music experience. 

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