Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus+

Shape: Samsung galaxy buds plus is a big advancement in the group of buds. Buds plus are all round in shape and adjustable silicone ear tips offering good bang for your money. Especially crafted ergonomic ear and wingtips fit comfortably in your ears. You can relish the tones for extended time without any disturbance. Earphones are light in weight and comfortable. These smooth, silky and glossy buds can be easily put into their charging case. Its popularity increased due to its BTS edition. Touch restive controllers on the exterior side of buds recognize single, double, triple and long presses, just tape the outer portion to skip tracks, play & pause music and respond to calls. In android phones, Spotify option is available which when fixed will promptly play something. Rounded edged, delicate, light weighted charging case puts easily in your pocket which provides an additional charge to the buds in between its usage.

You can adapt to stay conscious about the surrounding world. Just modify the sound volume when you need to remain connected with your surroundings without wanting to take your buds out. 

Package Contains




Charging Case

Charging cable (USB type C)

Sound Quality

It rewards listeners with better sound quality, providing rich and natural sound. Their sound profile is very well-adjusted. Older models of buds have only an android App while it has companion App for IOS as well as Android App.  Buds plus produce clear sound by AKG which tuned the frequency response. Dual driver system (dedicated woofer & tweeter) that expanded the range of buds and adapted 3 mic system in buds plus is another change. When you’re on call, the 2 outer mics work in cooperation with the inner mic to neglect surrounding sounds. Samsung’s DSP definitely amends the bass when you are watching YouTube or Netflix around the house so you can make the use of these great headphones. Samsung Galaxy Buds plus includes options for soft, dynamic, clear and bass boost hence customized Sound can be built effortlessly. Joining video chats and calls at home or at work place became more confident due to its secondary outer mic advancement.

Samsung Buds plus sound quality

Running time

The Galaxy Buds Plus contributes far longer battery life. Battery life of buds at one charge is 11 hours and 44 minutes while charging case contributes supplemented charging that is again 11 hours driving total battery life to 22 hours and 44 minutes. Case provides an additional charging cycle. Once the batteries exhaust it just takes a minute to toss the buds back into the case to enjoy more listening. 

Charging capacity of headphones is 85mAh 

Charging Capacity of case is 270 mAh


  • Via App- Through this, you will get a pop up screen on mobile when you begin to pair Samsung buds plus. 
  • Via Bluetooth- Just remove the buds from case, go into the Bluetooth menu in your phone and pick “Galaxy Buds+” This connection can be transferred from phone to your tablet and other Samsung devices.


  • Red
  • White
  • Black 
  • Deep blue
  • Pink
  • Blue 

You can take a color that fits your sense of style.

Comparison Between Galaxy buds plus & Galaxy buds

Galaxy Buds PlusGalaxy Buds
Black, white, Red, Pink, Blue, Deep blueBlack, White, Yellow
2-Way Dynamic
(Woofer +plus Tweeter)
1-Way Dynamic
3 Mics
(2 Outer +plus 1 Inner)
2 Mics
(1 Outer +plus 1 Inner)
22hr13 hr
Around 60min Play /3min Charging100min Play /15 min Charging
Comparison Between Galaxy buds plus & Galaxy buds


Earbuds : 17.5 x 22.5 x 19.2mm (Dimension)

Charging Case : 38.8 x 70 x 26.5mm (Dimension)


Earbuds: 6.3g

Charging Case : 39.6g


SensorAccelerometer, IR, Hall, Touch, proximity sensor
CompatibilitySamsung, other Android: Android 5.0 or higher & RAM 1.5GB above

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