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We have to know about this Watch.

This year there is a variation of the Pro GTR round clock, which is something we have been on the wrist for a long time. There is a slight difference between the vanilla and the Pro model, which we’ll dig into in a few minutes, but it starts to look at all of the quick clock itself.

The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is built with the classic look in mind, so one of the options is having a brown leather belt (which we do). Another version comes with a fluoroelastomer belt, which is highly resistant to aging.

What you want depends on what you plan to use on the clock. It is perfect for tracking health and enhancing your phone’s activities, but it also has many features to track activity. The belt has a quick release method, so it doesn’t have to be one and / or selective.

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro

The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro was launched in October 2021 and is available directly on the website of Amazfit and third-party retailers like Amazon for $ 229 / £ 179 (approximately AU $ 328). That’s about the same price as the one (at the time of writing) recently launched the Fitbit Charge 5.

Buy  Redragon Amazfit GTR 3 pro Smartwatch  best price in Pakistan | Rhizmall.pk

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Basic

Smart Health Made Easy To Enable Ultra HD AMOLED Easy 24H Powerful Health Management Zepp OS Powerful & Supports Standard 12 Day Battery Navigation App. Classic Premium Design Ultra HD AMOLED Displays Normal Light Roaming Round And Thin Aluminum Body.

The GTR 3 Pro features a 46mm case that measures 10.7mm in size, making it larger and larger than the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.


That case is made of a combination of aluminum and can be combined with an unmistakable black or brown leather look, which gives you the option of a fluoroelastomer belt ready for exercise or for smart leather. As a package, you get something that should be immersed in water up to 50 feet deep, but owners of the leather version may want to change it to find something better suited for swimming.

Both belt options are 22mm wide, with standard watch straps keeping them in a secure position. You can easily remove them with a simple pin in the back. Our brown leather paired with a silver case option seemed to be a fun style and it’s fair to say that Zepp has no problem making a smart watch attractive.


That case features a 1.45-inch touchscreen, 480 x 480 AMOLED, which is connected to two visible buttons (more now resembling a wristwatch. Zepp has already installed truly stunning displays on most of its smart watches and that does not change here. can be switched to live mode if you want that display on 24/7.


In the background you will find a biometric optical sensor, which can detect heart rate and blood oxygen data. This is also an area where you have to place a magnetic field, on the soft side that is easily removed from the surface.

Buy  Redragon Amazfit GTR 3 pro Smartwatch  best price in Pakistan | Rhizmall.pk

Design and build

Design and build
We certainly would not recommend swimming with a leather belt or even a lot of sweat and so on with Amazfit itself. It is not the best skin we have ever seen, though it is soft and comfortable to wear. And as we have already said, it is easy enough to replace any other standard belt.
The body of the clock itself is made of high-grade aluminum alloy. At 32g (without the belt) you never feel it in your hand. The design is underrated, so you can easily change it with one of the 150+ face faces. Apart from the different looks, these have different functions as well, but we will get to that.

The important thing to note at the moment is that the round display is 1.45 ”wide, rising from 1.39” to GTR 2. The bezels were reduced, so it is not a large clock, although there are no size options so the Amazfit is intended for medium size

Buy  Redragon Amazfit GTR 3 pro Smartwatch  best price in Pakistan | Rhizmall.pk

Smartwatch features

Top News Pro is the launch of Zepp OS, a new operating system that seeks to improve user interaction, add animation and most importantly, add an app store.

That store is within the Zepp mobile app only, and it seems to have been built mostly with native apps that will allow you to do things like keep tabs near the clock storage or add a flashlight. If you trust apps with big names here like the ones you will find in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, that doesn’t happen. Zepp later plans to launch a web-based developer kit to help integrate the app library and clock face, so maybe things will get better. Currently, it is not full of options.
Aside from the additional upgrades with the Zepp OS, the Pro benefits most of what we saw in the GTR 2. You can watch notifications from iPhone and Android phones, but they also don’t work.

It has both music controls and a built-in music player with 2.3GB of available storage, giving you access to anywhere from 270-470 songs. These can be MP3 and WAV audio files, and you will need to have the ones on your phone to add them to the watch.

You can still take calls when paired with your phone via Bluetooth, which works well, and there is a healthy collection of face clocks (including those that are set when the display mode is always in play mode).

Buy  Redragon Amazfit GTR 3 pro Smartwatch  best price in Pakistan | Rhizmall.pk

Fitness and sports tracking features

 sought to strengthen the health and fitness tracking features of the GTR 3 Pro. At the back you have an Optical based BioTracker 3.0 sensor that can monitor heart rate during exercise and continuously. It also means that you can continuously monitor your blood pressure levels, and monitor your blood pressure levels. There is even a temperature sensor packed in it.

Sleep monitoring is also included; the clock can capture the division of your sleep categories which includes REM sleep and respiratory quality monitoring, which was a factor in beta testing at GTR 2.

you get Zepp’s PAI Health Assessment System, which produces points based on increasing your heart rate through regular exercise. Zepp now adds a new 45-second rate, where you can see your heart rate, pressure, oxygen level, breathing rate to give you a summary of your health. This is not medical but, and based on our experiments we can say that not all of those metrics in summary are very accurate.

Switching to sports watch features, the GTR 3 Pro has everything you might want to track your activity. There are 150+ sport modes, which include everything from jogging to the swimming pool and swimming in open water, indoor rowing, and elliptical training. There are even a variety of dance moves and fighting games.

Buy  Redragon Amazfit GTR 3 pro Smartwatch  best price in Pakistan | Rhizmall.pk

Health Maintain

Eight of those activities are supported by automatic exercise detection if you do not want to start tracking running exercises, which include cycling, treadmill running and walking.

There is support for five key satellite navigation systems to ensure you get accurate outdoor exercise tracking and new Peakbeats training details are a clear framework for FirstBeat heart rate-based analysis installed on Garmin’s clock, allowing you to see the results of training, loading and recovery time. understanding.

As a watch you can turn to for fitness, health and sports tracking, we can say that the GTR 3 Pro does a good enough job for us. It definitely falls a bit into the brackets for something like Fitbit, although it offers more on metrics. Follow-up, for example, used to be in the ballpark against a rival fitness tracker even though sleep tracking was spotless about bringing our credibility. sleep data every night. Zepp’s PAI Health Check still does not sound all that helpful or encouraging, so it would be nice to see Zepp build a little bit on this.

As mentioned, promised health tracking is about giving guidance instead of giving you serious health information. We found that the average heart rate monitor was more accurate in real-time heart rate tests. It was the same story with blood oxygen reading when we compared it to the pulse oximeter. The temperature sensor however did not feel very reliable and was far from a real thermometer reading.

Buy  Redragon Amazfit GTR 3 pro Smartwatch  best price in Pakistan | Rhizmall.pk

Battery Life

Battery life
Up to 12 days battery life
It takes two hours to charge from 0-100%
Battery performance in the GTR 3 Pro varies depending on how you use it and what you use, as some features will drain the battery significantly.

Zepp says you can expect a battery life of 12 days based on standard operating conditions. That lasts for 30 days if you switch to battery saving mode. That battery saving mode shuts down the Bluetooth connection with features such as heart rate monitoring, leaving you with basics such as steps and basic sleep data.

That comes down to six days of hard work. If you use GPS to track external activity, you can expect up to 35 hours of battery life. To put that GPS battery life in perspective, the Garmin Clock with the same number of active Forerunner 245 offers up to 24 hours.


We can say that the GTR 3 Pro is great all week if you have features like enabled notifications, continuous critical monitoring and GPS usage maybe two or three times a week. That functionality is similar to what the GTR 2 has to offer, so it’s good at least that things didn’t go awry before the battery.

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