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Trends of wireless ear buds has increased and these are flooded in markets now. Wireless air buds available in Pakistan at different price points. There is no wired barrier between your air buds and smartphones now, it is adding full convenience to your daily activities. Some earbuds include neck bands and connecting cable for fixing the buds together but it’s very rare. Majority of the air birds in Pakistan are totally Wireless. Different companies have launched their earbuds collection available at different prices. Of which some earbuds are out of the range of some persons while some are easily affordable. Here I will discuss Best budget wireless ear buds available in Pakistan which you can easily access. 

  1. Galaxy Buds Plus

Buds plus are one of the best budget earbuds. These are all round in shape and adjustable silicone ear tips offering good bang for your money. Especially crafted ergonomic ear and wingtips fit comfortably in your ears. You can enjoy the music for a long time without any hunderance.  Earphones are light in weight and comfortable. These smooth, silky and glossy earbuds can be easily put into their charging case. Its popularity increased due to its BTS edition. Touch resistive button on the outside of the buds understands single, double, triple and long presses. Rounded edged, delicate, light weighted charging case puts easily in your pocket which provides an additional charge to the earbuds in between its usage.

You can adjust how much you want to stay conscious about the surrounding world. Just modify the sound volume when you need to remain connected with your surroundings without wanting to take your earbuds out. Earbuds in Pakistan available at Rs 2990.

Sound Quality

It rewards listeners with better sound quality, providing rich and natural sound. Their sound profile is very well-adjusted. Older models of buds have only an android App while it has companion App for IOS as well as Android App. Buds also produce clear sound by AKG which tuned the frequency response. Dual driver system (dedicated woofer & tweeter)that expanded the range of earbuds and adapted 3 mic system in buds plus is another change. When you’re on call, the 2 outer mics work in cooperation with the inner mic to neglect surrounding sounds. Samsung’s DSP definitely amends the bass when you are watching YouTube or Netflix around the house so you can make use of these great headphones. Buds plus includes options for soft, dynamic, clear and bass boost hence customized Sound can be built effortlessly. Joining video chats and calls at home or at work place became more confident due to its secondary outer mic advancement.

Battery Life

The Galaxy Buds Plus provides a far longer battery life. Battery life of earbuds at one charge is 11 hours and 44 minutes while charging case contributes supplemented charging that is again 11 hours driving total battery life to 22 hours and 44 minutes.Once the batteries deplete, it just take three minutes of throwing the buds into the case to enjoy one hour of listening. The case provides an extra charge cycle.

Earbuds : 85mAh 

Charging Case : 270 mAh


  • If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or later with the Smart Things app installed, then you’ll be met with a pop-up window when initially pairing the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus.
  • Otherwise, you can pair the earbuds by removing them from the case, going into your phone’s Bluetooth menu, and selecting “Galaxy Buds+.” Bluetooth connectivity can shift easily from your phone to your tablet or other Samsung devices.

Available Colors

  • Red
  • White
  • Black 
  • Deep blue
  • Pink
  • Blue

You can choose a color that suits your sense of style.


Earbuds :17.5 x 22.5 x 19.2mm (Dimension)

Charging Case : 38.8 x 70 x 26.5mm (Dimension)


Earbuds: 6.3g

Charging Case : 39.6g

2– T8 earbuds

  • LED power Display 
  • 2000mAh Battery capacity (Power bank)
  • Noise Canceling 
  • Microphone 
  • Bluetooth 
  • In- ear style 
  • 3 button Mic (for volume, music and call control)
  • Iphone& android compatible
  • IPX4 water resistant feature


Jbl tws T8 earbuds are the best wireless earbuds ,more comfortable, painless, suitable, ergonomic structured buds. These wireless earbuds are appropriately angled for the human ears. Charging case of these air buds has a little plastic flap on the top. At one end, there is a micro USB charging port and on the other end, there is a USB eye connector. You can use it as a battery bank with its 3000 milliamp hour battery being able to charge other things, not just the earphones. Let’s discuss ear buds which contain a touch sensitive button on the front then around the edge there is a red LED note that you can also get in blue. The eartips are of silicon and they do give a very comfortable fit in your ear now when exercising things. Seal made by these silicone ear tips blocks out a lot of background noise.

Samsung Buds plus sound quality

Battery Life

Battery of the buds is 15 mini amp per hour for each one and they will charge up when you put them in case. Battery in the earphones is going to give you 3 to 4 hours to play and combine that with the pretty large battery and the charging case and you can get a total of about 120 hours actual playtime. Earbuds from the flat will take an hour to get fully charged and the case will take about 3 to 4 hours to fully charge. When you open the case you can see a digital battery indicator for the case showing in blue light.

Audio Quality

Sound is very crisp and clear, bass is definitely there and they are quite hard on the volume side of things but that doesn’t mean you get any distortion from that, they do sound really really good even at high volumes. 


Pairing the air buds is very easy. You can pair them individually as left and right so you can use either one say for example you only want to use one because you want to be able to hear what’s going on around you but you also want to listen to some music or you want to make a phone call then that’s absolutely fine you can do that and you can say that T8 earbuds are really best true wireless airbuds.

Package Contains

You will get a nice set of accessories in a box.

  • Charging case 
  • Carrying pouch 
  • Pair of buds
  • Charging cable
  • Silicone ear tips 
  • Air buds price in Pakistan is ……

3- Air pods 2 (2nd Generation)

The best truly wireless headphones on the market with great battery life, solid connectivity, great ease of use and pretty good sound quality

The new wireless charging case for air pods looks nearly identical to the original non wireless case. It feels every bit as addictively clicky as the original. The charge indicator light has been moved from the inside to the outside so you can now see the status without having to pick it up and open it.

  • Wireless charging 
  • Faster switching between your devices
  • Better battery life for talk time 
  • Ability to call up Siri without having to tap on the side.
Air pods 2 (2nd Generation)

Charging Case & H1 chip

Wireless charging is probably the biggest upgrade in terms of your daily use. Now the wireless charging uses the Qi standard. It’s the same as an I phone and countless android phones in the market so you can use the same wireless charging pad as your phone to charge your air pods. Just put it on the charger and the little charging light on the front of the case will turn orange and you’re charging away. One bad side here is- the charging light will automatically turn off after a few seconds but the case will still be charging. If you have Galaxy S10, you can use your android phone to wirelessly charge your air pods which is never hilarious. 

Now Apple says the new air pods can switch between your devices up to two times faster than before. If you use an iPhone and an iPad or a Mac, you can quickly switch between them. The reason that air pods can connect faster now is thanks to Apple’s H1 chip inside them, which also provides unto three hours of talk time on a charge, so you can use them for the entirely of that never ending conference call.Now Apple claims that the new chip improves voice quality on calls too which is nice. That H1 chip is also what lets you say hey Siri whenever you want to call up Siri, and just like you can do on a new iPhone or the newer Macs, you don’t have to double tap one of the Air pods to do it anymore. That’s convenient and it definitely works. You can set double – tap action to another thing like skip track or play/pause. Apple also says that the H1 chip will cut down on latency when you’re wearing the Air pods and playing games.

air pods 2 (2nd generation) Charging Case & H1 chip

Play time

The battery life for music or just audio listening is still five hours between charges and that’s still at the top of the range for what you get with wireless ear buds. Especially thanks to the H1 chip that offers an additional 21% longer life. Batteries of the Apple Airpods are so tiny because of it’s small size, so it can’t offer very long battery life. When the battery goes down, you will just have to put the pods back in case and will get additional playtime. 

Audio Quality

  • Because of the lack of seal, it’s low end is not so good. It feels like a very low mid rather than a bass.
  • Mids will give huge amplification, Clear sounds you will experience here. It goes for voice calls as well. Clearest phone calls on Bluetooth buds come with Airpods 2nd generation. 
  • With its highs, you will be really impressed. 

As wired connections can support lossless audio, wireless connections are not offering this feature currently.

best Audio Quality of air pods 2


Apple air pods surprisingly do a satisfactory job with their microphones as it’s small scaled seals only can impart you best audio quality and you can confidently say that headphones are okay for conference calls and other services. It manages its flaws very well. 

Dimensions_16.5*18.0*40.5 mm 

Weight_ 4g (earbuds) , 38g (case)

Waterproof_ No

Earbuds price in Pakistan is 

Microphone air pods 2

4- Power beats pro _ The best true wireless headphones 

  • Huge soundstage 
  • Superbly Comfortable
  • Water resistant 
  • Epic battery life
  • Rich sound with satisfying bass 
  • Airbuds price in Pakistan is 

Charging Case 

Upon unloading the Power beats Pro, you’ll have to look at a huge sized charging case. It’s like the case of all other wireless headphones but with hugeness. You can put four cases of air pods in it which are occupied by the power beats pro alone. If we look at its good side, the case is very powerful which provides you double the battery life of earphones. 

Power beats pro _ The best true wireless headphones - charging case

Ear tips 

These have a soft touch replaceable ear tip that you can put different sizes on so instead of having just hard plastic one size fits all these are soft touch and they fit pretty well. Power beats goes over and around your ears and then holds it snugly to hold the ear buds in.

These are plastic sweat proof of course and the clamp force while it is snug, it is not too tight and the sign of any good pair of headphones is that you can wear them for a long time and after a while you just kind of forget you’re wearing them that’s good okay. We can differ them from air pods because of its case, it’s a matte black protective hard shell case with built-in battery and charging while the air pods have a small charging case that is actually pocket able. There is a little light on the outside of the case and there’s a pair of buttons on the inside that’s all great.

There are good sounding headphones, the seal that you can create with the rubber tip in your ear plus the clamp force on the side and then not coming out. They have actual physical buttons on it rather than touch points. On the right ear the beats logo is a button and that can be your play pause of course

  • Double tap for the next song
  • Triple tap for the previous 
Power beats pro ear tips - The best true wireless headphones -  

Volume Rocker 

And on top of each ear bud is a volume rocker so this is better than voice control better than the swiping across panels of the sides of headphones. It’s just a simple and easy regular volume rocker.

H1 Chip

They have an H1 chip so you can do a little Siri action if you have an I phone and they’ll still respond to that. H1 chip in them means they do that sweet instant pairing with an I phone or just regular Bluetooth pairing with any android phone just like air pods and there’s also auto play pause when you take them out your ears and put them back in they’ll also do the siri voice command if you’re into that or if you’re on an android phone you can long press the bets logo to trigger Google assistant or whatever assistant you use.

H1 Chip Power beats pro

Battery Life

It offers eight plus hours of playback easily, has automatic standby if you put them down when they’re not in the case. They can go for a week without charging if you start with a full battery and a full case and on top of that there is fast charging so if they’re dead you can drop them in case for like five minutes and it gets you over an hour of listening time so that’s pretty clutch.

Battery Life - Power beats pro

Water Resistance 

These are some of the best ones, especially if you’re an athlete if you need them to be sweat proof you need them to stay in your ears while you move around a lot you need workout headphones.

5- Air pods Pro

  • Force Sensor 
  • Chip 
  • H1 based system 
  • “Hey Siri” – play song, make calls 
  • Transparency Mode
  • Active Noise cancellation 
  • Custom high dynamic range amplifier 
  • Dual Optical sensors
  • Pressure Equalization

Apple Airpods _ The best headphones that come in the most selling , best sounding, best wireless headphones list. Apple air pods pro were released on 30 October, 2019 worldwide. Apple true wireless ear buds price starting from 22,249 in Pakistan. Recently, Air pods pro came up with new improvements as IOS 15 updated in September 2021 and Conversation Boost that allows you to have clear face to face consultation while having ear buds in your ears. These are good choices when you are searching for wireless ear buds having magnificent audio quality. 

UseMobile phone, Computer, gaming, Professional, Travel, Sports
FunctionBluetooth, noise cancelling, Microphone, Waterproof
Bluetooth version5.0
Air pods Pro


White, glossy look with protruded stem and bulging body of airpods pro make them unique among the list of wireless earbuds. Apple Airpods pro are designed in a way that you don’t need to worry about them falling out of ears and always feel comfortable while wearing them. It’s a kind of functional design and like all wireless earbuds the way to control your music is through some sort of button_ the button is on the surface of the ear and so to pause you push into your ears that actually feels quite uncomfortable because you are pushing an object deeper into your ear. The benefits of the airpods design is because it has this stem they actually do the controls by squeezing the stem so you are not pushing anything into your ears, you are just doing a squeeze motion so it’s squeeze 

Once _ to play & pause 

Twice _ to skip forward 

Thrice _ to skip backwards 

and squeeze and hold to change from transparency mode and turn on Active Noise Cancellation.

Air pods Pro Design

Audio Quality

When we talk about the sound compared to the original Airpods, these sound amazing, the sound profile is surprisingly full and the bass response_ when it comes to bass, Airpods pro have a more natural balanced sound. “Spatial Audio” – Apple’s version of simulated surround sound which uses a combo of accelerometers and software Algorithms in your airpods pro to produce 3D sound.

Air pods Pro Audio quality


Two tiny microphones present inside and outside of the airpods pro enables us to attend phone calls and it’s really good for picking up the human sounds. Outside microphone ascertains the incoming noise that can be abandoned by anti noise. Inside microphone detects any sound coming through the seal and also detects how a person is experiencing music through these pods. Apple has built the spatial audio to airpods pro to create an impressive 3D effect from surround sound.  

“Announce Message” is a compelling feature in it which means when you will get a message, your music will lower down and Siri will pipe up – saying from whom you get text and then can respond. 

Battery Life 

Each full charge of airpods pro _ 5 to 6 hours of listening (When transparency off)

    4 to 4.5 hours (When transparency on)

    3 to 3.5 hours (while calling)

With full charged Case _ More 24 hours of listening 

Best budget wireless earbuds price in Pakistan is mentioned above. These all are wireless earbuds with their own unique features.

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