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Rhizmall brings the Best Prices and Leading Gadgets, Electronics, Watches. Headphones and embroidered clothes and much more as an Online Store. Wholesale online shopping in Pakistan developed day by day.

We are offering the whole sale prices on too many products, such as Smartwatches, Earbuds, power banks, Ring lights. Gaming accessories such as Gamepad Triggers and Thumb sleeves. Gaming keyboards and mouse . wholesale online shopping is developed in Pakistan day by day. Rhizmall can achieve great achievements in this field . We have offered various deals and discounts on it . Rhizmall is one of the wholesale online shopping site in Pakistan .

We having the variety of different collection


We having the variety of different earbuds such as master copies of Apple earbuds (Earpods pro, Earpods Gen 2) Samsung earbuds .

As well as we have the master copies while on the other hand we having Orignal earbuds brands such as Joyroom, Sound peats and CKMOVA .



We having the variety of different Smartwatches which can maintain your health tracking and fulfill your dreams. We offer various discounts and deals on it.

If you are interested in buying these smart watches at wholesale pricing so please visit Rhizmall.pk.


Power banks:

If you are worry about your battery backup during your journeys. so don’t worry we have the solution of this issue, power banks.

We have offered different deals and discounts on it. We having unique and amazing collection of power banks such as 10,000 mAh and 20,000mAh.

If you are interested so please order the power bank from the product link below.



We have the unique collection of Ring lights.

If you are interested in it so you are on the right place .

We have the two types of ring lights such as three mode basic ring light and RGB ring lights.

In addition We have offer various offers and discount on it. It is also available on wholesale price.



We having both wired and wireless (Bluetooth) headphones.

Rhizmall have a very broad listing in headphone. These are available on Whole sale price as well as market price.

Gaming Mouse and Keyboards:

If you are interested in gaming in your pc.

So you are on the right path Because we have the variety of gaming mouse and keyboards.

Which are more reliable and unique.

Moreover have offered various deals and discounts on it. We have developed many unique offers on it.


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