Why Buds Plus? Superior Audio & Easy Controls

Buds plus are a premium solution for first-rate audio and a superior user experience.

These are an improved and updated version of TWS earbuds. They don’t look much different or distinguishable but there’s a lot of improvements. For instance, we can observe the most significant development regarding better microphone quality and easy controls.

Buds Plus is an exceptional earbud solution that has been specially designed to enhance your listening experience. This is achieved through a combination of superior audio quality and incredibly intuitive control with one-touch operations.

Superior Audio

Buds Plus comes with a dual-driver pattern. They contain a special woofer and tweeter in each bud. This feature renders greater functionality i.e. woofer supports bass and tweeter in high notes sound. Furthermore, the enhanced microphone quality with 3 mics provides ambient sound.  

With its patented Active Noise cancellation technology and multi-function design, it eliminates surrounding noise while preserving the quality of your voice. Various noise-canceling earbuds or earplugs are available in the market but none can match the quality of this earpiece feature set.

They are a trusted source for all types of audio and they feature top-notch components for superb audio quality and functionality. This is because the company understands the importance of audiophile-grade equipment and tools.

Easy Controls

Buds Plus is a premium quality earphone and control solution that gives you superior sound without sacrificing style or comfort. Compared to most other control panels, the panels are designed with functionality in mind. The touchpad setting offers customization options to let you adjust the volume.

The controls are fair and convenient. You have the volume up/down buttons for each earbud as well as a play/pause button near the top. The mic is also situated easily above your right ear and blends in very well with the rest of your audio equipment.

They have 3 main settings; voice command, volume up or down control, and ambient sound. The long-press option allows you to launch Spotify. The best thing is that setting the volume up or down in one earbud will automatically regulate and balance it in the other. Voice Control gives you easy access to on-demand play, pause, and skip through your favorite tracks. Tap to control function allows you to customize your controls. Controls are provided for volume and balance; a function key provides fast access to gain and balance adjustments.

Extended Battery Life

These are a great choice for people who want a more premium experience. They have extended battery life which means you can charge them up much quicker than other mobile devices. 3 minutes minimum charging time offers up to 1 hour of playtime.

When fully charged, the battery can last up to 22 hours. Moreover, they are chargeable on any Qi-compatible wireless charger or share power directly from your smartphone. The charging case offers extra charging capacity and hence enhanced playtime.


The great feature of these earphones is their easy device pairing and switching. It comes with exceptional features that make connections easy, pairing to your Apple and Android devices being one of the most straightforward things you can do. What sets these earphones apart from other products in their price range is the ability to work with any smart device. Moreover, it’s also very easy to set up and use.

These are highly flexible and will fit any ear cup perfect for multiple modes of usage: music, commuting, working, or just enjoying your favorite tunes from any source.

Design & Comfort

Buds Plus is a neat little box with a lot of cool features. It’s a nice and slick little gadget. The design is comfortable in the hand and the controls are easy to use. There’s even an on-screen display that shows the level of charge on your device and an audible beep if you try to insert a phone into the wrong slot. Best of all, it costs about the same as many other Bluetooth earplugs.

Since they’re so powerful, they’re surprisingly comfortable under normal conditions. If you want something that provides crisp and clear sound with rich bass, but don’t want to over-extend your ear cups or risk painful long-term ear damage, then the Buds Plus are a great pick.

Bottom Line

Buds Plus is a superior product. The company claims its technology provides superior audio quality, audiophile-grade construction, and longer battery life. Hence, related to other similar products, Buds Plus provides great in the way of advanced functionality.

They also have exceptional noise cancellation and superb performance controls, all of which add up to a very reliable listening experience. If you’re looking for outstanding wireless audio capabilities, incredible controls, and exceptional staying power, these earbuds are worth taking a look at.





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