Best Buds Live EarBuds is one of the best earbud in Pakistan It having the unique features. Active noise cancellation, wireless charging, Touch control, long standby time, variety of different colors and Many more. It is very unique in its feature and having plenty of benefits and advantages. This earbud in very unique quality and in low pricing is available on Rhizmall.pk .

Let me tell you some thing,

10 Reasons to Buy Buds Live EarBuds:

  • The Buds Live is the second truly wireless earbuds for 2020
  • It having Unique Feature of wireless charging.
  • Bud live have  Iconic design Ear pieces       
  • It having Variety of different colors White, Black and Golden which looks very unique
  • Battery timing is about 4 to 5 hours
  • Its case material is very unique and amazing and looks very iconic
  • There is a noticeable difference in the quality as Previous models
  • Having the unique feature of Active noise cancelation
  • Having three mic Two for outer and one for inner side
  • It having long standby time and power bank for its recharging without plugging in with the charger and having 500 mAh battery capacity
Buds Live: Everything you need to know it is one of the best earbuds in Pakistan Available in good quality and in low pricing at Rhizmall.pk

Amazingly it have,

Product features for buds live Which made it very unique:

Active Noise Cancellation: Something that’s becoming progressively popular in the earbuds space is active noise cancellation. …

Equalizer: It having equalizer which is very unique

Wake-up: It having Bixby voice wake-up.

Connection:  It having Seamless Earbuds connection. …

Pair Support: It having Swift Pair support. …

Notifications: Read notifications aloud. …

Touch Controls: It having touch control system.

Wear Detection: It can be very useful for Wear detection, it can be perfectly fit with our Ears

Colors: It has variety of different colors (White, Black and Golden)

Sweat proof: it having unique Feature of resistance with sweat

Charging Wire: It having Branded Type C cable

DISMISS DISTRACTIONS: Turn on Active Noise Cancellation to block/stop out background noise on an airplane, train, bus or too many other noisy places. Tap again to let in surrounding live sounds companion voices, flight announcements, street traffic enjoying your favorite playlist or podcast

Rhizmall.pk : [8 Pairs] Galaxy Buds Live Ear Tips,Woocon Silicone  Anti-Slip/Dust Ear Tip Accessories Compatible with Buds Live  -S/L (Black/White/red/Rose Gold): Home Audio & Theater

I know you have the query,

Can you run with buds live?

Yes, you can run with buds live. It can be totally fit into your ears and feel very comfortable. It is one of the best earbuds in Pakistan. Buds Live  are designed to shine. I was able to drive and bike with the  this earbuds.  they only have IPX-2 water resistance. which makes them splash resistant from certain angles. they are sweat resistant and you can use them for working out.

Buds Live review: A welcome change | Rhizmall.pk

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