Airpods Pro (Black)

Airpods Pro Overview

why buy the Apple AirPods Pro?

Apple in October 2019 launched AirPods Pro, the most advanced version of its existing AirPods with unique design & Shape, sound cancellation technology, better sound,

Apple iPhone users looking for authentic wireless earbuds will find more in AirPods Pro

These are the true wireless earbuds of the latest generation of apple Airpods Pro

 Gym mice and cardio monsters will enjoy that you actually you know stay in your ears. 

Sweating resistance is also very fun here.

Especially since the options for canceling active audio on this type of gadget are rare unless you choose.

True wireless lovers will love it.


Buy Airpods pro black available in pakistan

AirPods Pro equates comfortably and securely

  • I don’t have that problem.
  • My ears fit well.
  • I can run with them and they can withstand sweat
  • says Apple (they have a water resistance rating of IPX4
  • which means they do not touch but cannot get into the water).
  • It is also noteworthy that they come with tips on small, medium-sized ears.
  • The big AirPods Pro ear tips fit right into my ears.
  • The algorithm then found that the ear canal was the right size and had the right size,
  • if it has to be resized to create a better signal

Water Resistance

  • AirPods Pro is waterproof and resists IPX4 water resistance.
  •  That means the AirPods Pro is tested and can withstand water dripping from any direction
  • they should adhere well to sweat and low rainfall.
  • AirPods Pro should not be immersed in water and exposure to water should be avoided
  •  often as possible as Apple’s warranty does not cover water damage or sweat.
  • Apple states that the levels of sweat and water resistance in sports and non-water sports 
  • That sweat resistance are not permanent and may be reduced due to normal aging.

connect on IOS:

Connecting to AirPods Pro is as easy as ever on an iOS device or you will need to upgrade to iOS 13.2 to connect. Thanks, if you are not up to date the first thing from your device will tell you to update.

After doing so, they will be paired with every other device in your iCloud account. The resulting card will provide useful information such as battery life in the charging case with both earbuds.

One great feature is that if you put only one AirPod in the case, you will see a small red  where the battery life should be. I’m sure if you lose one you will know that by the time you try to get it back in shape, but it is still very good.

connect on Android

If you are on Android or using a Windows PC then the process is a bit different, though it remains the same on previous AirPods. Just long-press the back button on the charging case to enter Bluetooth pairing mode, then search for it in the Bluetooth settings of your device. Once you are married, you should be ready to go. It is good to note that you will not get any features if you use them with Android. Specifically, the automatic stop detection when you remove one earbud from your ear will not work, and “Hey Siri” will not work either. Happily, active sound cancellation and clear mode works well as it is controlled by strong stem pressure.

Sound Quality

According to Apple, the AirPods Pro delivers higher noise than the original AirPods due to the built-in speaker technology and Adaptive EQ functionality. Adaptive EQ tunes low-frequency and mid-range music playing to each person’s ear, with Apple’s rich, focused listening experience. which improves audio quality and removes background sound. The driver delivers rich bass up to 20Hz as well as detailed medium noise and high frequency.

Clean the AirPods Pro

If you use your earbuds daily, they are likely to get dirty very quickly. As you (hopefully) clean your ears every once in a while, you should also provide the same service to your earbuds. Thankfully, cleaning your AirPods Pro is very easy and we have a full step-by-step guide on how to do it. All you really need is cotton swabs, alcohol scrubs, paper towels, toothbrushes, liquid dish soap, and a fun atmosphere! Okay, the last one is not really needed, but it can’t hurt.

Better for Making Calls

Phone quality has been the Achilles heel of the Sony WF-1000XM3. It has improved with some firmware upgrades, but it should be even better – not at the level of AirPods Pro. In terms of phone making, AirPods are state-of-the-art. But some do succeed. I checked these out against the earbuds of Anker Liberty Air 2. The Ankers and their more expensive sibling, the Liberty 2 Pro, are well-balanced in AirPods when it comes to calling. Like the AirPods Pro, the Liberty Air 2 earbuds do a good job of shutting down the surrounding noise (callers say they can hear me well or I have a lot of road noise even building near me). It doesn’t sound as good as AirPods Pro

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