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Discount Deals

Hot shot:

We having the amazing collection of Hot Shot!!!!

In this category Best online Selling products in Pakistan. we have a mesh of different Tech Gadgets such that Room decor, home decor, entertainment best selling Products in Pakistan. So what are you waiting for open our website and order the amazing things?

Smart Watch
The best smart watches at Rhizmall.pk will not only provide you with easy accessibility to your routine smartphone tasks or to-do lists such as checking or reading your message, accepting a call, tracking your steps, and more etc.

Smart Watches at Rhizmall Explore the greatest collection of smartwatches at our website online store. Now You can buy best Android Watch at cheap rate in Pakistan.
Best Earbuds In Pakistan:
Wireless Earbud are basically a tiny pair of speakers that go inside the ears. They are fine at low volumes, but they can cause permanent hearing loss if not used the Airphone

Wireless True Earphones Bluetooth sport earbuds from Bose featuring lifelike sound and a comfortably secure fit. Shop Bose Sport Earbuds today.

Here You Can Buy Best Quality of  Earbud Wireless , Wireless Earpods , Wireless Earphones Price in Pakistan, Handsfree, Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. Best Airpods in Pakistan, Apple Earpods in Pakistan. The Best Earpods Price in Pakistan. Best Wireless Earbuds Price in Pakistan Now Available at Rhizmall.pk

Gaming Accessories:

If you are bore from daily routines so don’t be disappointed!

We have also the solution of it. We having different gaming accessories such that Gamepad, Triggers, Thumb sleeves and etc. so keep playing and calm your mind.

Here We Have Best Gaming Headphones. Best Magnetic Charging Cable, Best Mobile Phone Chargers, Best Earbuds at Best Price in Pakistan, Online best Selling products at Best Price in Pakistan.

We Offers You Best Smart Watches in Pakistan at Best Price in Pakistan. We have Different models in Smart Watches and Earbuds. In Azadi Sale You can Many Products in discount ! Also in Mega sale offer You can Buy Many Products at Best Price in Pakistan. Rhizmall.pk

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Our combo deals are carefully curated to cater to different preferences and needs. The perfect duo of a smart watch and earbuds ensures seamless connectivity and entertainment on the go. Stay on top of your health and fitness goals with the smartwatch’s tracking features while enjoying music and calls with the earbuds’ impeccable sound quality.

For content creators and vloggers, our combo of a smart watch and ring light is a game-changer. Illuminate your videos with the ring light’s flattering lighting, while the smartwatch keeps you organized and connected during your shoots.

Experience the ultimate audio setup with our earbuds and speaker bundle. Immerse yourself in high-quality sound whether you’re on the move or hosting a gathering with friends.

Take your productivity to new heights with the ring light and handsfree combo. The ring light ensures you always look your best in video calls and content creation, while the handsfree accessory keeps you hands-free and focused on your tasks.

Bundle of joy


Our “Bundles of Joy” offer you the convenience of a one-stop shop for all your tech needs. Each combo deal is designed to enhance your digital lifestyle, making it easier and more enjoyable to stay connected, entertained, and productive

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Save 2000 Rupees ! To Buy This Combo Deal (Series 7,Earpods pro)


Save 2000 Rupees ! To Buy This Combo Deal (Series 7,Airpods ANC)


Save 1490 Rupees ! To Buy This Combo Deal (Airdots,T500)


Save 1650 Rupees ! To Buy This Combo Deal (D20,Earpods,Silicone)


Save 1,000 Rupees ! to Buy this Combo Deal (Airdots, Powerbank10)