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Universal Design Ceramic Cube Bearing High Quality Fidget Spinner

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 High-end quality material, exquisite design

 Average spin time of 1-2 minutes based on your intensity and speed.

 High quality steel bearing longer spin time spin more quickly and quietly 13 beads bearing guarantee the speed and time with 3 layer protection guarantee the stability without any shake or tremble .No need maintenance No need oil. Easy to carry no sharp angles great for kids and adults.

 Includes a case for safe travel and storage and with gift packaging

 Diameter: 1.7 inch

 Thickness: 0.2 inch

 Weight: 2.4 oz.


The Rhizmall Fidget Spinner provides a fast smooth spin for easy fidgeting and impressively long spins times.

What makes the Rhizmall Spinner better than other spinners?
Over 1.5 minutes of spin time while others last less than 1 minute
Ultra durable injection molded ABS plastic that won't break when you drop it
High-quality contour center caps for ease of use and comfort while spinning
Tight fit bearings and caps for stable construction that won't fall apart
Premium metal case for safe storage in a backpack or other bag

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