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PUBG mobile 4 in 1 Cooling Phone Holder Gamepad

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Product Highlights:
  • Shooting button design
  • Cooling fan +shooting button
  • Battery
  • Android + ios-type-c Cable + charger
  • Silicone joystick
Product Details:
  • Shooting button design: metal plate buckle design, the hand can be placed on the back of the phone is no longer so tired, the button is physically triggered, it will not be triggered by mistake
  • Cooling fan +shooting button: The fan can effectively reduce the temperature of the phone, use the shooting button to play PUBG, 4 finger linkage, one step faster
  • 2000mAh battery: Long battery life, Fully charged battery can provide about 48 hours of fan cooling, while also providing emergency charging function for your mobile phone, playing games no longer pit teammates
  • Android + ios-type-c Cable + charger: provide the current 3 kinds of interface data cable and charger, you do not need to worry about This
  • Silicone joystick: water-soluble silicone material, very durable, can be used on the screen of the touch screen device to play the game














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