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Pink Selfie Ring Light for Any Cell Phone

Rs.590.00 Rs.1,200.00

  • 36 LED Selfie Ring Light: Original Ring Light Patent Design by RC. With 36 LED circle light, it provides really bright light for selfie photos & vlogging. An awesome selfie light for iphone, Samsung, HuaWei etc.
  • USB Port: Rechargeable through Universal USB cable
  • Input voltage: 3.5 V, power: 3 W
  • Size: 8.4 * 8.4 * 2.8 CM
  • Net weight: about 68 g
  • Adjustable LED Selfie Light: It has 3 levels of lighting setting: low, medium, high. Choose the proper LED light for selfie and have a Skype call with it!
  • Mini Ring Light: 3.4 inch mini size, make it possible for you to put it into your pocket, tote or clip it on the strap of your backpack works as a night light.
  • Extra Phone Ring light: When this clip on selfie ring light turns on, it provides lighting for selfies, live streaming. It works great for cellphone, ipad, tablet, laptop.

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