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New AK77 Sixth Generation 4 Triggers Mobile Game Controller Sh00ter Trigger Cooling Fan Game Joystick


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Product Highlights:

  • Wide Compatibility.
  • Simple Operation.
  • 6-IN-1 Mobile Controller.
  • Quality & Design.
  • The Heat Sink Comes with a Power Supply.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: ABS + silicone + stainless steel
  • Style: straight insert / 1200mAh / 4000mAh capacity
  • Designed for PUBG, triggers the touch, does not block the screen, does not block the button, is suitable for mobile phones.
  • Rotation: The lever can be rotated 90 degrees without blocking the screen.


  • 13*5*17

Product Description:

  • Wide Compatibility: These Mobile game PUBG triggers support almost games on Android or IOS phones, and our mobile game triggers are perfectly compatible with sh00ting games including PUBG, Rules of Survival, Survivor Royale, Critical Ops, etc, Play games with ease!
  • Simple Operation: You can simultaneously move, turn, aim and shoot by using the index fingers to press the buttons, which can eliminate the trouble that use thumbs only to make all operations. With these triggers for PUBG (Left to Aim, Right to shoot), it is much easier for you to aim and shoot the target. You can knock out more people quickly.
  • 6-IN-1 Mobile Game Controller: The gaming controller combined with the game-pad, the lever can be rotated 90 degrees without blocking the screen, provides the ultimate gaming experience.
  • Quality & Design: All of our controllers are tested to ensure the highest quality and durability.and the Clip on the back of the trigger help it tightens enough to the screen and helps you more stable in the game. You won't see them move too much and you have them all the way on the edge.
  • The heat sink comes with a power supply: Can be used as a charging treasure (the power supply is short-circuit protected).

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