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K01 White Mobile Gaming Fire Button Trigger L1 R1 Shooter

Rs.290.00 Rs.500.00

Product Highlights:
  • Supported Devices.
  • The Newest Version Metal Mobile Controller.
  • Highly Sensitive.
  • Fire and Aim Button.
  • Material.
  • Touch Pad.
  • Clip.
  • The perfect combination.


Product Description:
  • Supported Devices: The Mobile Game Controller support many video games on Android or IOS mobile phones, and our mobile game triggers are perfectly compatible for shooting games, including PUBG, Rules of Survival, Knives Out, Survivor Royal, Critical Ops, etc 
  • The Newest Version Metal Mobile Controller: 1 Pair of Newest Generation PUBG Mobile Game Joystick,PUBG Mobile Game Controller, specially designed for PUBG/Knives Out/Rules of Survival. Winner winner chicken dinner 
  • Highly Sensitive: Hyper Sensitivity, capacitive sensors bring better sensitivity, doesn't need Bluetooth, cables or any connectors, just clamp and play, point and shoot faster than ever. 
  • Fire and Aim Button: Press the shot button feel better, It is the most flexible button for PUBG mobile game.
  • Material: K-01 gaming fire button made up conductive fiber material which is either then coated or embedded with electrically conductive elements.
  • Touch Pad: It has provided a smooth touch pad, it does not damage the Mobile screen.
  • Clip: It provides a strong grip between mobile and the trigger that is suitable for long gaming sessions.
  • The perfect combination: 1 pair of PUBG game triggers and 1 pair of game controllers with ergonomic design. Keep your hand comfortable and not sweat after playing games for a long time.











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