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Balea Foot Blistering Patch Mix, 6 St

Rs.1,080.00 Rs.2,000.00

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Product description

  • For the prevention and protection of blisters
  • With full-surface hydrocolloid system
  • Absorb escaping bladder fluid
  • Work upholstery, water, and dirt repellent
  • Safe and transparent
Clean the bladder and the surrounding skin, disinfect and dry thoroughly. Remove the protective paper and place the plaster on the bubble without touching the adhesive side. Gently press the patch. Leave the patch in place until it releases itself. If it should be removed beforehand, slowly and gradually peel off the patch under a warm stream of water.

Product Features

Gender of the target group: Unisex
Only suitable for superficial wounds. Do not prick bubbles to reduce the risk of infection. Do not use on infected wounds. In the case of diabetes or poor circulation use only with the consent of a physician. Do not reuse, this can lead to infections.


The Balea blister patch with a full-surface hydrocolloid system is used to prevent and protect bladders. They absorb escaping bladder fluid and have a cushioning effect

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