i30 EarPods Stereo Bluetooth Headset
i30 EarPods Stereo Bluetooth Headset
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i30 EarPods Stereo Bluetooth Headset

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i30 TWS

Earpods use to control your audio content, to up and down the volume, or can do anything related to this such as Play, Pause, or Stop your audio content.

i30 EarPods Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Product Details:

The high fidelity sound quality uses the high quality loudspeaker the sound quality is very soft.

Smart to Receive: It is a charging bay and a portable Power Bank.

Touch the Keys: Convenient operation, one key control.

Bluetooth Supports: It supports 5.0 and support for biletral calls.

Noise Reduction and Echo Cancellation: Effectively eliminate the influence of voice.

Pop Up Window Connections: Support close up iphone pop-up display.

Battery Timings: Low power consumption, 600mAh Battery.

i30 EarPods Stereo Bluetooth Headset


Product Descriptions:


Speaker Size: 10mm

Sensitivity: 96t3db

Impedance: 3202

Frequency Size: 20-20,000Hz


Dimensions: 4 * 1.5mm

Sensitivity: -42db +/- 3db

Frequency Response: 30-16.000 Hz

Directivity: Omni-directional


To connect, simply open the lid of the case and a pop-up screen should appear on your iPhone or Android. Click connect, and your earbuds will be paired. The case can charge the earbuds 4-5 times before you have to recharge the case.

i30 EarPods Stereo Bluetooth Headset



With Bluetooth 5.0, the i30 Bluetooth earphones connect swiftly to any Bluetooth enabled device without any hassles or time lag. It is also done swiftly due to the presence of a newly implemented technology in the earpods. A W1 chip is embedded into the i30 TWS AirPods. This chip speeds up the connection process for the i30 Bluetooth earphones. Once the i30 TWS earphones are switched on in the vicinity of a Bluetooth enabled device, a pop-up button appears on the screen. This pop-up asks whether you want to connect to the earphones or not. If the yes button is clicked, the phone is connected to the i30 TWS AirPods.

i30 EarPods Stereo Bluetooth Headset


Easily Useable:

The i30 TWS AirPods brings about a lovable treat for audiophiles who love clinging to their bass. Being Bass Synchronised, the i30 Bluetooth earphones don’t disappoint. It gives an experience that’s memorable for the bass. Earphones aren’t only meant for the music and games, but many people look onto them as a replacement for keeping phones pressed onto their ears. With such usage in mind, the i30 TWS AirPods come with a mic on each earpod. Clear and precisely engineered, the i30 Bluetooth earphones is a device that handles communications via call in a simple manner.

i30 EarPods Stereo Bluetooth Headset


So, Should You Buy i30 Earpods?

Considering that we’ve entered the era of “NO HEADPHONE JACK”, and with customers demanding freedom to move around without having to deal with tangled cables. TWS Earbuds have become the ideal choice. If you’re a person who puts productivity over audio performance, then the i30 EarPods is a perfect choice. Currently the i30 TWS is on a flash sale and you can purchase the earbuds


i30 EarPods Stereo Bluetooth Headset


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