Headphones lets a single user listen carefully and disturbance free to an audio source individually. On the other hand a loudspeaker emits and spreads sound into the open air. This allows everyone around to hear. The other names for Head phones are earphones, ear speakers.

Such wireless earphones or a headphone help and simplify in improving mobility while listening to devices in any fixed location. Headphone or wireless bluethooth headphones are just a pair of little speakers that can be used for listening to a sound from a music player, computer, or similar other electronic devices.

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What are Headphones?

Headphone consist of two small speakers for both ears that are interconnected with each other by a band that moves over your head. Now, as technology advances, headphone come up with a modern style that can be inserted into the human ear which is commonly called earbuds.

How do the headphone work?

Headphone work by the same principle as speakers by converting electrical energy into sound. The sound is produced when the magnets hit the air like a plunger which involves pushing and compressing the air and ultimately low and high-pressure pulses are generated.

Uses of  Bluetooth Headphone

  • Listen to Music

Headphone are used to listen to music and other audio by connecting them with MP3, computers, and other similar devices.

  • Use while working out

Runners and other active persons can use headphone and earbuds during their activities mostly for listening to music and receiving calls.

  • Effective Conferencing

Wireless Bluetooth headphone are helpful in face-to-face conversion as it provides clear audio with videos. One can do effective communication at offices and meetings by using headsets.

  • Video & Audio Editing

If someone is editing any audio or video, he/she can do this task effectively by having earbuds in the ear or by using over-the-head headphone. It will avoid the unwanted voice from the surrounding.

  • Answer the Calls

Wireless earphones offer the big advantage of not picking up the mobile phone again and again to answer incoming calls. Control buttons on the buds provide convenience to attend the call promptly.

Difference between Headphones & Earphones

The big difference between these two exists in their size. Headphones are the largest sized earphones while earphones are easily portable, lightweight devices. Earphones can be plugged into the human ear while headphone remain over the head and do not cover the internal surface of the human ear.

Types of Earphones / Headphone

There are 7 different types of earphones / headphone;

  • On-Ear headphone_ Earpads are smaller in size and remain on top of your ear
  • Over-Ear headphoneaw_ Earpads are larger in size and cover your entire ear
  • In-Ear wired earphones_ Inserted into the ear canal and have wires
  • In-Ear wireless earphones_ Inserted into the ear canal but are wireless
  • Open-back headphone_ Sound and air can be passed from the holes present at the backside of the ear pads/ear cups of headphone
  • Closed-back headphone_ Sound can’t pass from the backside of the earpads (No holes)
  • Noise Cancelling headphone_ It is the more advanced feature of a headphone that cancels the unwanted sound by generating the anti-noise signal

Features of Headphone/ The things you need to consider before buying Headphone

  • Audio/Sound

There are two types of headsets in terms of sound profile; Mono & Stereo. Mono headsets come with only one ear pad to deliver the sound on one side by using a single channel to convert the signal into sound while stereo headsets offer sound from both sides and use multiple channels to generate sound.

  • Microphone

Headphone with attached microphones enable you to answer calls while listening to music. Your hands will remain free to do your work on a laptop, computer, or mobile phone and the consistent voice will be transferred from one person to another due to the stable position of the microphone.

  • Noise cancellation

Noise-canceling wireless headphone benefit the users by avoiding distractions in a public places and transportation and one can enjoy the music with full focus. It works by using active noise control mechanisms i.e; by using microphones that neutralize the sound before it reaches the ear.

  • Manifold Pairing

This feature of wireless headphone allows users to connect their headsets with computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and other similar devices.

  • AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile)

Headsets with AVRCP can be connected with your mobile phone if the phone also supports the same Bluetooth profile and it provides the capabilities to skip the music, move to the next track, move to the previous track, play the music, and pause it.

  • Styles

Bluetooth Headphone are available in different styles which are mentioned above. One can choose according to their likeness and that suits their mind.

  • Range

The Headphone’s frequency can range from 10Hz to 30,000Hz but the ideal frequency is 20Hz to 20000Hz which most headphone provide.

  • Battery

Battery life is an important factor to consider before buying a headphone. Mostly wireless earbuds provide up to 4 to 5 hours of battery life and headphone provide 6 to 12 hours of battery but some high-quality headphone from premium brands can last up to 30 hours with off ANC.

  • Comfort

You should always choose a comfortable headset for you. The most comfortable headphone that can last for hours easily without hurting your ears are JABRA Elite, Apple Airpods 3rd generation, Apple Air pods Max, Status Audio CB1, and Final Audio E3000.

5 Major advantages of High-Quality Headsets

Headsets/Earphones are the trending gadgets that have increased use in our daily lives. It is now an important accessory on shelves. The 5 major benefits of using the headsets are;

  • Comfortable to Wear

Almost all headphone are very comfortable to wear. Some earphones are specially designed for the active person which provides even more convenience while running, jogging, climbing, swimming, and cycling.

  • Distance

Wireless earphones provide wide distance ranges and you can do your tasks without hanging the phones with you. After pairing the earbuds with your android devices, you can move away up to 8-9 meters and can enjoy your music from a distance.

  • Pairing

As mentioned above, headphones can be paired with multiple devices such as smartphones, laptops computers, MP3, and tablets. The Pairing of the wireless devices is very easy and most of them can be connected by a simple Bluetooth connection with android phones.

  • Quick Accessibility

By using the control buttons on the earphones, you can quickly answer the calls, move to the next track, move to the previous track, and play & pause the track by just clicking the button on it.

  • Various Designs

Modern, trendy, classy headsets are now available in the markets and you can choose according to your style and can enhance your appearance accordingly.


  • Price

Mostly the high-quality and branded headsets are difficult to buy by an ordinary person and those that are very cheap may not provide many benefits. So, the price can be an issue for people.

  • Battery

Headphones and earphones have a built battery that needs to recharge again and again to continue their use. Too much use of headsets can damage their battery and then you need to buy a new one for you.

  • Health effect

The Medical effect of using the headphone will appear when you will use them for a very long time. It can damage the hearing and can also affect your brain if will not use in limitation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Which brand is best for headphones?
    There are many brands which are best for headphone and available to buy in Pakistan ; ONIKUMA, FANTECH, KOTION, SAMSUNG, REDRAGON, BLOODY, TDAGGER, K1 which are mostly use as gaming headphone but research shows that people consider headpset / headphone Brands as per their budget and specification, some people like Samsung, Redragon, Bloody and many others are Onikuma, Fantech & Kotion.
  • Which is better between earphones and headphones?
    If we compare Headphone vs earphones so headphone are better than earphone because of better sound in headphone.
  • How much is a normal headphone?
    Normal headphone price starts with Rs.2500
  • Which type of headphone are good for ears?
    Good headphone for ears are those which audio did not damage users hearing
  • Are headphone good for ears?
    Yes, headphone are good / better for ears if it’s usage not for long hours
  • What type of headphone are safest?
    Bluetooth headphone are safest than other
  • Which is better over ear or in-ear?
    Over ear vs In ear; over ear headphone are consider as better than in-ear
  • How much money do a good pair of headphone cost?
    Good quality pair of headphone cost starts from 2000 which can vary with different headphone brands
  • Why do headphone cost so much?
    Headphone cost is so much because of good voice control which is user friendly

We have discussed all pros and cons of headsets and how it works. It’s up to you whether you will prefer the use of these gadgets for daily use or not.