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Ushas Eyebrow Palette With Eye Pencil, Eyeshadow And Tweezer

Rs.390.00 Rs.1,250.00

Exquisite opaque: Fine powder, easy colored, strong adhesion, good ductility, light and comfortable, with skin evently, can choose according to different hair color eyebrow powder of different colors.★Waterproof and sweet: Adopt unique waterproof and sweat formula, makeup is not easy to spend.★A multi-purpose: Can thrush makeup, eyeshadow, block defect of the face.★Double brush: Double brush, brush on one side, on the other side is a sponge brush, can thrush makeup, eye, nose, face block defect.★Small, easy to carry: The dimensions of the box only 9*5.2*0.8cm, can be placed in pockets and bag.


  • Brows frame the face and give makeup a finished look.
  • Available in two collections - light to medium and medium to dark shades.
  • Each palette includes 3 brow powders, 2 brow wax, highlighter, tweezers, spoolie, angled brow brush and 3 stencils.
  • 3 steps to eyebrow perfection
  • Master the polished eyebrow
  • Sculpt with wax, fill with powder, highlight for accent
  • Now create the perfect eyebrows with one easy-to-use kit

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